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Motor Sports Photo Library
8.The March 75S powered by the racing 13B engine
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Racing rivalries in Japan
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Racing rotaries of today
Chapter 2: Racing rivalries in Japan(8/10)
8.The March 75S powered by the racing 13B engine

  Mazda's new 13B racing engine was just as powerful as BMW's engine. However, its best result in the 1976 season was eighth. In a bid to improve the engine, Mazda started full-scale development of the racing 13B engine with peripheral ports. Mid-development, it was discovered that the rapidly spinning rotors were creating a small gyroscopic effect that adversely affected the handling. The team overcame the problem by redesigning the moving parts to make them as light as possible, changing to a dry sump (a lubrication system that supplies the engine with oil from the oil tank), and mounting the engine closer to the ground. These changes led to the successful development of the March 75S.

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