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5.A Close Fight
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Chapter 2: Racing rivalries in Japan(5/10)
5.A Close Fight

  In September 1972, at the Fuji Inter 200 Mile event in the GC Super Touring Car TS-bc series, the RX-3s battled more intensely than ever before with the Skylines, but finally lost out to the Kitano driven GT-R.
  In October 1972, at the fourth round of the series, the Fuji Masters 250 Kilometers, the RX-3 driven by Juno won pole position and fought furiously with Kurosawafs Skyline GT-R over the lead until forced to retire. The Skyline looked sure to win, but collided with Takechifs RX-3 as it tried to lap the Mazda on lap 14, which cleared the field for Masudafs RX-2 to go on and win the race.

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