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Motor Sports Photo Library
4.Birth of the Racing RX-3
Motor sport challenges in Europe
Racing rivalries in Japan
Motor sports in the U.S.A
Rallying and other challenges
The Road to Le Mans
Racing rotaries of today
Chapter 2: Racing rivalries in Japan(4/10)
4.Birth of the Racing RX-3

  Three Mazda RX-3s with the larger, racing 12A engine took part in the Japan Grand Prix in May 1972. They outpaced the Skylines and took all three top spots. The Racing 12A engine had a twin-choke Weber-type carburetor and generated 240bhp at 9000rpm.
  After the race, the Nissan team lodged a complaint about Mazdafs bridge-ported engines. At the time, the race organizers decided to withhold judgment. However, this episode paved the way for a later decision to lift the ban on peripheral ports, under the condition that 50 units or more with peripheral ports were produced for motor sports.

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