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2. First confrontation (1970 Japan Grand Prix)
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Racing rivalries in Japan
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Chapter 2: Racing rivalries in Japan(2/10)
2. First confrontation (1970 Japan Grand Prix)

  In order to go head-to-head with the Skyline GT-R, Mazda prepared two GT-2 class R100s with Mazdafs 10A rotary engine (224 bhp at 10,000 rpm) for the 1970 Japan Grand Prix. The R100s showed overwhelming speed on the long straight in front of the grandstand, but were outmatched by the Skylines through the S-bends. This was because the suspension and carburetor, which couldnft supply enough gas, were inadequate for the rigors of racing. However, one of the R100s managed to finish in third place behind the two GT-Rs, proving the high potential of the racing 10A engine in the eyes of the racing fans.

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