Motor Sports Photo Library

Motor Sports Photo Library
The Mazda R100 Coupe
Motor sport challenges in Europe
Racing rivalries in Japan
Motor sports in the U.S.A
Rallying and other challenges
The Road to Le Mans
Racing rotaries of today
Chapter 1: Motor sport challenges in Europe (4/10)
4. The Mazda R100 Coupe  

The Mazda R100 Coupe was a key global model that went on sale in 1968. While preparations for mass production were still underway, the decision was made to enter the R100 Coupe in motor racing events in order to help establish Mazda's international brand image.
  Most major European auto makers at that time were pushing the limits of performance and quality in their bid to win races, which subsequently raised the quality of their mass production models and boosted their brand value. This formed the model for Mazda's future development.

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