Victory at Le Mans 20th Anniversary - Never Stop Challenging - Mazda's Enduring Spirit


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Through the Generations From Le Mans to the present and on to the future, Mazda does not stop challenging

Interviews with Mazda's 1991 Le Mans engineers who are now working on the new breakthrough SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY.

Kazutoyo Watanabe

Mazda's victory in 1991 was by no means lucky.

Kazutoyo Watanabe Kazutoyo Watanabe Interview

1991 role: ME Testing & Research Gr., Powertrain Testing & Research Dept.

Keiichiro Sueshige

"Not knowing when to give up" is one of Mazda's strengths.

Keiichiro Sueshige Keiichiro Sueshige Interview

1991 role: Powertrain Control Systems Testing & Research Gr., Powertrain Testing & Research Dept.

Toshihide Koyama

Mazda is filled with ambitious, confident people.

Toshihide Koyama Toshihide Koyama Interview

1991 role: Chassis Engineering Gr., Vehicle Engineering Dept.

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