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Challenging Spirit The story of the engineers who restored the 787B 20 years later

Interviews with Mazda's 1991 Le Mans engineers who worked on the Mazda 787B restoration project.

Hiroyuki Nomura

Returning to Le Mans made me wish we were competing again.

Hiroyuki Nomura Hiroyuki Nomura Interview

1991 role: Mazdaspeed Co., Ltd.

Junichi Funamoto

Mazda's victory was due to everyone coming together as a team.

Junichi Funamoto Junichi Funamoto Interview

1991 role: RE Design

Seiki Kawano

It is important to keep driving steadily forward until we succeed.

Seiki Kawano Seiki Kawano Interview

1991 role: ME (Motorsports) Testing & Research Gr., PT Testing & Research Dept.