Long-Term Vision for Technology Development

Bringing driving pleasure and excellent environmental and safety performance to all our customers

In March 2007 Mazda adopted the gSustainable Zoom-Zoomh long-term vision.
This commits us to making cars that always excite, look inviting to drive, are fun to drive, and make you want to drive them again. It also requires that we help achieve an exciting, sustainable future for cars, people and the Earth. As part of this vision, in June 2008 we announced a target date of 2015 for achieving our goal of improving the average fuel economy of Mazda cars sold globally by 30% above 2008 levels. To achieve this, we have begun to thoroughly improve base technologies such as our engines, transmissions and our weight reduction technology, and to further refine aerodynamics. By progressively combining these technologies with Mazda's proprietary idling stop system gi-stop,h regenerative braking, and hybrid and other systems, we aim to offer all our customers pure driving pleasure along with excellent environmental and safety performance.

Sustainable Zoom-Zoom

Mazda SKY concept - Driving pleasure and an everlasting blue sky

The gMazda SKY concepth is our development theme for the next-generation powertrains now being developed under Mazda's gSustainable Zoom-Zoomh long-term vision. Our aim is to bring driving pleasure with excellent environmental and safety performance to all our customers, and we chose the name SKY to represent the three following ideas:
œ The gsky's the limith aspirations of our engineers as they pursue optimal efficiency through unconventional thinking,
œ Our desire to ensure an geverlasting blue skyh, and
œ Our commitment to offer all our customers pure driving pleasure to enjoy under that sky.

gMazda SKYTECHh - Innovative technology for driving pleasure and excellent environmental performance

gMazda SKYTECHh is our name for the innovative technology underpinning the development concept for our next-generation powertrains. This year's Tokyo Motor Show marks the world premiere of three items based on gMazda SKYTECHh:
œgMazda SKY-Gh* next-generation direct injection gasoline engine,
œgMazda SKY-Dh* next-generation diesel engine, and
œgMazda SKY-Driveh* next-generation automatic transmission.

Anticipated expansion in adoption of environmental technologies@(through 2020)

Weight reduction and other measures for excellent environmental performance

Aided by a 100kg weight reduction, improved aerodynamics and other measures, our target is for vehicles with gMazda SKY-Gh* and gMazda SKY-Driveh* to achieve fuel economy equivalent to that of current models one class smaller - for example, the Atenza is aimed at the Axela, while the Axela is aimed at the Demio. In the case of models equipped with the gMazda SKY-Dh* and gMazda SKY-Drive,h*our aim is to achieve fuel economy on a par with a model two classes smaller. For example, vehicles in the Atenza class will have equivalent fuel economy to current vehicles in the Demio class.

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*Concepts for engines and transmissions planned for introduction from 2011.

MAZDA:The 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009