Thank you for visiting the Mazda Booth at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show.

Takashi Yamanouchi Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mazda first introduced the gZoom-Zoomh brand message at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show in 2001. Since then we have launched a new-generation line-up brimming with the gZoom-Zoomh spirit, including cars such as the Mazda Atenza, Mazda Axela and Mazda Demio. These cars have received worldwide acclaim for their dynamic and stylish designs, exciting ride and well-thought-out functionality. They are also targeted as eco-cars, receiving a highly favorable reputation. Currently, over 90 percent of Mazda vehicles sold in Japan qualify for the government's eco-car tax reductions.
Last year, the world entered an unparalleled economic crisis and the knock-on effects of this global recession have severely impacted the automobile industry. In the face of this drastic change in the business climate, Mazda has also had to implement a range of emergency measures. But at the same time, we are looking beyond the current crisis to the motorized society of the future, and investing even greater effort into enhancing the value and appeal that only Mazda can offer.

The foundation for this initiative is our gSustainable Zoom-Zoomh long-term vision, a plan we announced in March 2007 for technology development. According to this plan, we aim to offer all Mazda customers high levels of driving pleasure as well as excellent environmental and safety performance.
Our theme for the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is gThe Mazda SKY concept-Providing driving pleasure and environmental and safety performance for all our customers!h The concept reflects gThe sky's the limith aspirations of our engineers as they pursue optimal efficiency through unconventional thinking free from orthodox restrictions and limitations. We also chose the name SKY for our next-generation powertrain development concept to express our desire to ensure an geverlasting blue skyh under which everyone will be able to enjoy the fun-to-drive pleasure provided by Mazda.

At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, under the headings of gToday,h gTomorrowh and gThe Future,h we invite you to view our technologies aimed at achieving a 30 percent improvement in average fuel economy for all Mazda vehicles sold globally by 2015 compared to 2008 levels.
In gToday's Technologiesh we are presenting our unique gi-stoph idling stop system that is already available in the new Axela and Biante.
gTomorrow's Technologiesh features the next-generation gasoline engine gMazda SKY-G,h* clean diesel engine gMazda SKY-Dh* and automatic transmission gMazda SKY-Drive.h* Gradual introduction of these technologies will begin in the Japanese market starting in 2011. Mazda also plans to progressively introduce electrical devices including hybrid technology.
The compact concept car gMazda Kiyorah demonstrates our gTomorrow's Technologies,h incorporating a gMazda SKY-Gh* engine and gMazda SKY-Driveh* automatic transmission. A regenerative braking system and lightweight design also contribute to gMazda Kiyorah's remarkable 32km per liter fuel economy under Japan's 10 -15 mode fuel consumption that is achieved without assistance from an electric motor.
gFuture Technologiesh showcases the Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid. Mazda hydrogen rotary engine vehicles were initially leased in Japan and now we have also begun leasing them in Norway as part of our steady drive to promote their use.
In addition, to highlight developments in the safety performance part of our gSustainable Zoom-Zoomh long-term vision, we are exhibiting technologies developed to prevent traffic accidents.
The challenge we set for ourselves is to offer all our customers driving pleasure and excellent environmental and safety performance. Look to Mazda for exciting developments as we work toward a sustainable future for people and the automobile.

*Concepts for engines and transmissions planned for introduction from 2011.

MAZDA:The 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009