The hydrogen rotary engine opens the door to the future of gSustainable Zoom-Zoomh

The future-oriented hydrogen rotary engine (RE) is one of our signature gZoom-Zoomh powerplants currently under development. It achieves an outstanding harmony between driving pleasure and excellent eco-friendliness. Our aim for the future of our gSustainable Zoom-Zoomh plan includes further advancing our hydrogen rotary engine vehicles.

Following Japan, commercial leasing is planned for Norway

Mazda has now commercialized two models powered by the hydrogen rotary engine: the RX-8 Hydrogen RE and Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid.
Since 2007, we have also been collaborating in HyNor (Hydrogen Road of Norway), a national project to promote and expand the hydrogen infrastructure of Norway. First overseas leasing has begun in Norway in 2009.

Hydrogen rotary engine plus hybrid system. The Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid (Exhibitj

Since Mazda's hydrogen rotary engine uses hydrogen fuel, it offers exceptional environmental performance with zero CO2 emissions. In addition, should the hydrogen fuel run out, a convenient dual-fuel system enables the vehicle to immediately switch to gasoline. The Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid exhibited at this year's Tokyo Motor Show has a series hybrid system. A hydrogen rotary engine connected to a generator produces electricity, which is used by an electric motor to drive the wheels. The system improves acceleration performance, and achieves a cruising distance of 200km when running on hydrogen fuel.

Mazda Biotechmaterial*

The Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid's interior features our own plant-derived bio materials, collectively known as Mazda Biotechmaterial*. These materials contribute to reducing our reliance on petroleum-based resources and lowering CO2 emissions.

Collective name given to bioplastic, biofabric and similar plant-derived materials developed by Mazda.

hydrogen rotary engine vehicles

yMain Specifications of the Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybridz
Base model:Mazda Premacy Overall length:4,565mm Overall width:1,745mm Overall height:1,620mm Occupancy:5 persons
Base engine:Mazda hydrogen rotary engine (with dual-fuel system) Fuel:Hydrogen and gasoline Fuel tank:Hydrogen:35 MPa (pressure) high-pressure hydrogen gas tank and gasoline tank Maximum power:110kW Motor:Synchronous electric motor Generator:Synchronous generator Battery:Lithium ion

MAZDA:The 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009