Concept Car gMazda Kiyorah


Mazda Kiyora - 10-15 mode fuel consumption of 32km/L Compact concept car powered by a next-generation gMazda SKY-Gh<sup>*</sup> direct injection gasoline engine

gMazda Kiyorah is a near-future, compact concept car engineered to simultaneously achieve next-generation environmental performance alongside Mazda's trademark driving fun. It is powered by the next-generation gMazda SKY-G* 1.3Lh direct injection gasoline engine coupled with the next-generation six-speed gMazda SKY-Driveh* automatic transmission. We also added Mazda's unique idling stop system gi-stoph and a regenerative braking system. Combined with the 100kg weight reduction and improved aerodynamics, these technologies enable the gMazda Kiyorah to achieve ultra-low fuel consumption of 32km/L under Japan's 10-15 mode fuel consumption.

*Concepts for engines and transmissions planned for introduction from 2011. (Exhibitj

MAZDA:The 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009