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Next-generation standards of driving pleasure and eco-friendliness

The combination of gMazda SKY-G* 1.3Lh engine and gMazda SKY-Drive,h* together with comprehensive lightweight design, delivers excellent environmental performance as well as the powerful low-speed response that makes for an exhilarating drive.

Employing gi-stoph and regenerative braking system

In addition to the advanced gi-stop,h Kiyora is equipped with a regenerative braking system. This system converts kinetic energy to electricity as the vehicle brakes or runs downhill, reducing the engine load required to charge the battery and so improving fuel economy.

Further weight reduction contributing to driving performance and fuel economy

Computer analysis techniques were used to optimize the body structure which also benefits from new manufacturing technology and lightweight materials. Thanks to this combination, gMazda Kiyorah weighs 100kg less than the current Demio, helping to improve fuel economy and driving performance.

Fusion of futuristic Mazda form and functionality

gMazda Kiyorah is even more compact than the Demio, and represents an advanced form of Mazda design with superb aerodynamics. For the interior, we ensured sufficient cabin space and pursued a sculpted form that creates a robust body structure while keeping weight to a minimum.

*Concepts for engines and transmissions planned for introduction from 2011.(Exhibit)

MAZDA:The 41st Tokyo Motor Show 2009