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Long-Term Vision for Technology Development Sustainable Zoom-Zoom
Basic Policy
Mazda plans to raise the average fuel economy of all Mazda vehicles sold globally by 30% by 2015 compared with 2008 levels, while providing all customers who purchase Mazda cars with the joy of driving and excellent environmental and safety performance.
To achieve the target, we consider improving basic vehicle performance such as engines, through improvements in efficiency of internal combustion systems, transmissions and body weight reduction is important. Therefore, we are pursuing a strategy to focus on these "base technologies". In addition, we gradually combine the base technologies with electric devices from Mazda's unique idling stop system "i-stop", regenerative braking*, and hybrid technologies to finally advance to plug-in hybrid and eclectic vehicles, based on our Building Block Strategy.
SKYACTIV is a blanket term for Mazda's innovative next-generation technologies that are being developed under the company's long-term vision for technology development, Sustainable Zoom-Zoom. These technologies will be appearing in Mazda products from 2011, in line with Building Block Strategy. We also plan to sell the hybrid vehicles that combine the hybrid system and the next generation gasoline engine by 2013 starting with Japan. We will provide cars that offer a winning combination of driving pleasure and excellent environmental and safety performance to all our customers, without relying heavily on vehicles that are strictly dedicated to meeting environmental needs.
* A technology which reuses the energy generated when a vehicle slows by converting it into electricity
Mazda Building Block Strategy
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