Special Features


New Demio/Mazda2 - Embodies the Mazda Brand

[Development] The Demio/Mazda2 Has Shattered Preconceptions about the Subcompact Class

[Manufacturing] Realizing a High-Quality and Efficient Global Production Framework to Improve Mazda’s Brand Value


[CSR] Promoting Brand Value-Focused Management

[CSR] Global Deployment of Mazda's Monotsukuri Innovation


[CSR] From a Women-friendly Workplace to a Workplace Friendly to All Employees

[Environment] Long-Term Vision for Technology Development "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom"

[Environment] Aqua-Tech Painting Technology

[Social] Encouraging Volunteer Activities for Individual Growth and Social Development


[CSR] Transcending the Boundaries of Divisions to Foster Human Resources Who Support Mazda's Monotsukuri; Manufacturing and Product Development

[Environment]Fully Incorporating SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, the Mazda CX-5 Offers Driving Pleasure as well as Outstanding Environmental and Safety Performance.

[Environment] Realizing a Reduced Environmental Impact with the Integrated Scheduled Production System.

[Social] Encouraging Volunteer Activities for Individual Growth and Social Development


[CSR] Developing People through Tomoiku

[CSR] Mazda (China) Training Center Practicing Tomoiku in China

[Environment] Pursuing Breakthroughs to Innovate Base Technologies and Realize a "Certain Something"

[Environment] Optimization of Structures and Processes Improved Both Product Functionality and Productivity

[Environment] Engaging EcoAction 21 from the Business Perspective Above and Beyond Environmental Concerns

[Social] The Mazda-no-Mori Program in Hiroshima Prefecture: Linking People across Time

[Social] Bringing People Together Across Borders: A Noh Performance in Germany

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