Social Contribution Activities Report

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  • 12/21/2017

    [Japan] Forest Protection Activities (Hiroshima)

    Mazda conducted forest protection activities as a part of environmental protection efforts.


    [Japan] 2017 Sanfrecce Hiroshima Mazda Day (Hiroshima)

    Mazda-sponsored game for Sanfrecce Hiroshima was held at Edion Stadium Hiroshima, a football match against Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo, as an employee-management cooperation program.


    [Japan] Kite-Mite-Notteminsai 2017 (Hiroshima)

    Mazda Technical College exhibited a booth for infants and elementary school children in “Kite-Mite-Notteminsai 2017,” a local event for community revitalization.


    [Japan] Science and Technology Challenge Event (Hiroshima)

    Mazda held a science and technology challenge event.


    [Japan] Paper-craft design contest (Hiroshima)

    Mazda promoted a paper-craft design contest in Japan, with Mazda2 and MX-5 paper-craft models, to offer opportunities for children, etc. to have dreams and enjoy manufacturing.


    [Japan] Education Programs During Summer Vacation

    Mazda Group executes learning support events every year in school vacation period in summer (from July to August).


    [Japan] Welfare Vehicle Donation (Hiroshima)

    Mazda arranged a ceremony for the donation of a welfare vehicle, at the cumulative number of visitors reached fifteen million.


    [Japan] Forest Protection Activities (Hiroshima)

    Mazda conducted forest protection activities as a part of environmental protection efforts.


    [Japan] Participation in the 2017 Hiroshima Flower Festival (Hiroshima)

    Mazda took part in the Hiroshima Flower Festival, which is one of the largest events in Hiroshima Prefecture, held on the consecutive holidays on May 3 to 5.


    [Japan] Social Contribution Activities at Mazda Stadium (Hiroshima)

    Mazda has acquired the naming rights for the Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium (now known as Mazda Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima), and conducts social contribution activities through support for the stadium. 


    [Japan] Support for a Road Safety Parade (Tokyo)

    Mazda offered two parade cars to support a road safety parade relating to a Nationwide Traffic Safety Campaign.


    [Global] The 3rd Annual Mazda Social Contribution Prize

    Mazda selected prizewinning activities for the 3rd Annual Mazda Social Contribution Prize, which is a commendation system to promote outstanding social contribution activities of Mazda Group companies.


    [Japan] Lobby Events at Mazda Head Office (Hiroshima)

    The Mazda Head Office organizes various lobby events that can be enjoyed by local residents.


    [Japan] Ekiden Road Relay Races

    Mazda Ekiden Road Relay Races were held at plant grounds in Hofu Plant and Mazda Head Office (Hiroshima).


    [Japan] 28th Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground Open Facility Event (Hokkaido)

    Every winter, Mazda staff thank the people of the Kenbuchi town, who warmly welcome the staff, by opening the Kenbuchi Proving Ground to the public and inviting local residents to attend the community event.


    [Japan] On-Site Lectures for School Students

    In response to requests from educational institutions, Mazda dispatches its employees to hold lectures at elementary and junior/senior high schools.