Mazda Motors of New Zealand Ltd. (MMNZ) is engaging in various social contribution activities to fit better with the needs of their community. Most of the social contribution initiatives are carried out through Mazda Foundation New Zealand (MFNZ).

Person in charge of promoting social contributions at MMNZ

Person in charge of promoting social contributions at MMNZ

Andrew Clearwater
Managing Director (Chairman, Mazda Foundation NZ)

【Environment】Initiatives contributing to environmental protection
【Safety】Initiatives contributing to traffic safety
【Human resources】Initiatives aimed at fostering the next generation
【Community】Community-based initiatives
【Mazda Foundation】Initiatives via Mazda Foundation

Support for Auckland Zoo



To support to have safe environment for animals and people working for conservation

Initiatives/FY March 2016 Results

MMNZ has been a partner of Auckland Zoo*1 since 2012. MMNZ supported the organization by providing them with three Mazda vehicles. In December, one vehicle was updated to the new BT-50.

Vehicle donation to Auckland Zoo

*1 Auckland Zoo, which attracts over 700,000 visitors annually, receives a reputation as one of the world’s most progressive zoos. As a not-for-profit wildlife conservation organization, it is focused on conserving and building a future for wildlife, both in New Zealand, and around the world.

Support for Prostate Cancer Foundation



To help raise awareness about this deadly disease for male

Initiatives/FY March 2016 Results

MMNZ supported Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)*2 as a sponsor by providing them with a Mazda vehicle branded with the iconic blue ribbon and their signwriting to promote more awareness.

Mazda vehicle with the iconic blue ribbon, provided to PCF

*2 Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers for men in New Zealand. PCF’s mission is to provide an environment empowering men to make informed decisions about the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Throughout New Zealand, PCF offers peer support to men, and their families, who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and they actively promote awareness of this disease through community promotions.

Mazda Foundation New Zealand

MFNZ, established in November 2005, has been providing funds to various initiatives, including education, environmental conservation, and culture. It has now distributed around NZ$2 million to 592 recipients and holds three rounds of distributions each year selecting New Zealanders, community groups and charities that are in need of support (FY March 2016: around NZ$ 230,000 was distributed to 76 recipients).

Treemendous School Makeovers Project for Native Tree Planting

【Environment】【Human resources】【Community】【Mazda Foundation】


To provide outdoor and environmental education through the project, where four New Zealand schools are chosen each year to have their grounds improved and enhanced through native plantings.

Initiatives/FY March 2016 Results

Treemendous Makeovers Project, a joint project between Project Crimson Trust, one of New Zealand’s leading conservation organizations, and MFNZ, first sprung from the ground in 2008, for their program which aims to educate children on the importance of the environment and the country’s fauna and flora. Since then the project has worked with 31 schools from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South to create amazing native gardens and outdoor classrooms.
In FY March 2016, four schools*3 were selected from the entries.
MMNZ also provided support for conservation initiatives alongside the use of two Mazda vehicles to assist with the Trust’s conservation work, continuing a firm relationship between MMNZ and the organization since 2004. The vehicles are integral in allowing them to carry out their mission, to replant native plants across New Zealand. And the Mazda vehicles have become an icon for the Trust and people recognize it wherever it goes.

Treemendous School Makeover Project at Havelock North Intermediate School

Vehicles donation to Project Crimson Trust

*3 Horsham Downs School in May, Havelock North Intermediate School in June, Waikouaiti School in July, and Renwick School in August.

Support for Christchurch School of Music

【Human resources】【Community】【Mazda Foundation】


To provide access to musical instruments for students to learn music

Initiatives/FY March 2016 Results

MFNZ provided grants to the Christchurch School of Music (CSM)*4, which will enable the purchase of a digital piano and several sets of violin and cello strings. The grants will keep school fees down and provide low rates to over 800 students making learning a musical instrument accessible.

Support for CSM

*4 The CSM is a not-profit organization, founded in 1955, to provide group tuition for young students along with the opportunity to play in an orchestra or ensemble.

Support for Kaitaia College

【Community】【Mazda Foundation】


To retain and encourage Maori Heritage, and give students sense of pride

Initiatives/FY March 2016 Results

MFNZ provided grants to Kaitaia College, located in the Far North District, to purchase new Kapa Haka*5 uniforms, to replace their 20 year old ones.

Support for Kaitaia College

*5 Kapa and Haka are Maori words meaning group and dance, respectively.