Making use of Mazda's wide-reaching network, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH (MME) and national sales companies in Europe employ the “ONE MAZDA” approach and have carried out farreaching activities rooted in local communities. In order to help make children happier, Mazda has focused on supporting children in Europe including the improvement of their mobility.

Person in charge of promoting social contributions at MME

Person in charge of promoting social contributions at MME

Nadine Fehring
PR Corporate Communication

【Environment】Initiatives contributing to environmental protection
【Safety】Initiatives contributing to traffic safety
【Human resources】Initiatives aimed at fostering the next generation
【Community】Community-based initiatives
【Mazda Foundation】Initiatives via Mazda Foundation

Working with SOS Children’s Villages (Pan-European)

【Human resources】【Community】


To support the activities to care for and protect children who are unable to live with their own families in Europe.


MME and many national sales companies in Europe have been working with SOS Children’s Villages (SCV) in their respective countries. SCV is a worldwide organization that enables orphaned children to have a loving home with parents or caregivers. At each of the participating national sales companies, one “ambassador” (local project coordinator) is chosen from the employees to lead charitable activities in each country. As Mazda’s unique approach, MME and the national sales companies also support vehicle transportation and volunteering by their employees.

FY March 2016 Results

Germany: Mazda Motors (Deutschland) GmbH (MMD)

  • ■ Supported SCV and Youth Facilities in Düsseldorf to enable the transportation for refugee coach and children, by offering one vehicle free of charge for one year. Due to unexpected European refugee crisis in Germany in 2015, SCV needed to take care of numerous unaccompanied underage refugee children and this activity helped to resolve this issue.
  • ■ Supported the new SCV Day Care Center in Düsseldorf Garath with 25 employees and managements, jointly with MME members, by providing the children with presents, many Christmas activities like singing, baking, and doing handicrafts in December. The 74 children drew a wish list, and they were placed on a Christmas tree at Mazda Leverkusen. MMD employees took the wish and gave individual presents for the children.
  • ■ Supported the German-wide Girl's Day to give career orientation for 12 girls who were interested in the automotive industry. In April, MMD management and experienced employees gave an overview of possible career in a technical field of the automotive industry, and technical presentations including the uniqueness of Mazda technology in the training center at Mazda Leverkusen.

Germany: Leasing vehicle free of charge

Germany: Mazda Christmas experience

Austria: Mazda Austria GmbH (MAG)

■ Has supported SCV in an ongoing partnership with "House Barbakus" of the organization, a kid’s living community for children out of an unstable family background in Moosburg for eight years including the following.

  • ・Annual donation
  • ・One car donation and four cars lending for MoFa (mobile family support program) where 120 families are supported in their daily lives.
  • ・Yearly engagement at SCV summer festival where MAG team hosted a Car Design and Painting Workshop.
  • ・Donating the proceeds out of the sale of MAG produced cookbook with recipes from MAG employees to the local SCV for the purchase of school books.
  • ・Participation in the Christmas Party at SCV by a delegation of MAG employees and handing over a collection of bean bags for the kids of House Barbakus as a Christmas Gift, the proceeds from the annual Christmas Tombola at MAG.

Austria: Mobile family support program

Spain: Mazda Automoviles Espana, S.A. (MAE)

  • ■ Continued support for donation of money for every Mazda car sold in Spain for the SCV’s project “por un millón de BSOS” campaign*1, aiming to help 20,000 children.
  • ■ Supported SCV by lending two Mazda vehicles to transport children to school.

*1 The campaign is aimed at one million donations. One Mazda car sold means one donation (one kiss), done by Mazda. Its name is a play with the words “besos” (Spanish for kiss) and SOS.

Hungary: Mazda Motor Hungary Kft. (MMH)

  • ■ Organized an event in which children made bags for themselves from the material provided by SCV and MMH, such as recycled plastic advertising material.
  • ■ Supported the local SCV with a donation used to cover travel costs of the children to their real parents.

Hungary: Original bag manufacturing experience

Croatia and Serbia: Mazda Motor Croatia d.o.o. (MMC)

■ Croatia: Supported for SCV by lending a vehicle to the SCV mobile team for one year,providing financial support for maintenance (water, gas, electricity, etc.)
■ Serbia: Cooperated with the SCV in Kraljevo for maintenance in Serbia.

Croatia: Mobile family support program

Serbia: Support for SCV in Kraljevo

Volunteer Cleanups (Pan-European)



To contribute to local communities through volunteer cleanups


Employees of MME and MMD support the city's initiative to clean the area around the company headquarters in Leverkusen.

FY March 2016 Results

In March, 30 employees of MME and MMD supported the initiative, spending an hour of their time to help cleaning the city of Leverkusen with the Spring Cleaning initiative.

Spring Cleaning

Supporting the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates (Pan-European)

【Human resources】【Community】


To support activities trying to make the world a better place


Since 2013, as a leading partner of the summit, Mazda has supported its annual execution and organized annual workshop for “Mazda Make Things Better Award*2.”

FY March 2016 Results

In April, Mazda announced the winner of “The Second-Annual Mazda Make Things Better Award,” which was launched in December 2014. A Japanese student won the award for her innovative learning tool project called “Worldwide Online Tutoring/Mentoring by Youth for Youth,” and is currently working on the implementation of its pilot project.
In November, MME was the leading partner of the 15th Annual World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Spain, providing financial support and a fleet of Mazda vehicles as the official transportation. Mazda also hosted a Youth Programme workshop. 150 international students attended it, and 50 of them participated in “The Third-Annual Mazda Make Things Better Award.”

The Second-Annual Mazda Make Things Better Award

*2 The award is kicked-off by Mazda during a workshop of the summit, to provide young influencers with the opportunity to voice their ideas to decision-makers. It reflects Mazda’s spirit of challenging convention to make things better, to support projects that use modern tools of advocacy to improve people’s everyday lives.