Mazda Australia Pty Ltd. (MA) aims to contribute to the local community in a responsible and genuine way, via corporate sponsorship programs. MA also supports communitybased programs and organizations through the Mazda Foundation Australia (MFA). MA employees are encouraged to participate in and support social contribution activities so that they have an opportunity to contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

Person in charge of promoting social contributions at MA

Person in charge of promoting social contributions at MA

Martin Benders
Managing Director

【Environment】Initiatives contributing to environmental protection
【Safety】Initiatives contributing to traffic safety
【Human resources】Initiatives aimed at fostering the next generation
【Community】Community-based initiatives
【Mazda Foundation】Initiatives via Mazda Foundation

Royal Children’s Hospital



To contribute to local health care and give employees opportunities to participate in local volunteer activities


MA supports the Royal Children’s Hospital*1 through the “Run for the Kids” running event held by the hospital every year in March/April. The money raised by this event goes toward vital research, facilities and equipment at the hospital.

FY March 2016 Results
  • ■ MA and its suppliers formed a team of around 50 participants competing in the run.
  • ■ MA supported this event as cooporate sponsor for 11th time and presented a Mazda vehicle.

*1 The Royal Children’s Hospital improves the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents through leadership in healthcare, research and education.

Sponsorship for Sports Promotion



To promote sports


MA is the major sponsor of the North Melbourne Football Club team, prominent club in the Australian Football League.

FY March 2016 Results

MA has extended the partnership to 21 years until the end of the 2019 AFL Premiership season. MA donated money, and lent 16 vehicles for this fiscal year.

North Melbourne Football Club sponsor

Sponsorship for Arts and Culture



To support arts and enrich Australia’s cultural scene and the lives of the community


MA has been a long-time supporter of Art Exhibitions Australia (AEA) spanning 14 years, bringing some of the world’s most revered artwork to Australia and allowing over 4 million people to experience it firsthand. Also the partnership with Opera Australia now spans 13 years in total and has scaled new heights with their elevation to Principal Sponsor over the past five years.

FY March 2016 Results
  • ■ MA sponsored Melbourne Winter Masterpieces
  • ■ MA supported Mazda Opera in the Bowl, the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, and Mazda Opera in The Domain, in Sydney and Melbourne, as Opera Australia’s Principal Partner. MA has committed to introducing opera to a wider audience, and this free concert celebrates the magic and memorable moments in opera.

Melbourne Winter Masterpieces

Opera in The Domain

Casual Dress Days



To contribute to the local community and promote employees’ participation in volunteer activities

Initiatives/FY March 2016 Results

Approximately 250 employees participated in “Casual Dress Days*2.” Money raised was donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

*2 An activity where MA employees come to work in casual clothing every Friday and participate in as a fundraiser.

Mazda Foundation Australia

Mazda Foundation Australia (MFA), established in August 1990, has been providing funds to various initiatives, including education, environmental conservation, technology promotion, and welfare. MFA has contributed over A$ 9.8 million from inception. Apart from special fundraising functions, MFA is supported by generous contributions from MA as well as Mazda Dealers and public donations (FY June 2015: over A$ 1.2 million contribution).

Support for Various Charitable Activities

【Human resources】【Community】【Mazda Foundation】


To support community-based organizations that help children / elderly people with physical and/or mental disabilities or their carers, particularly projects seeking to address social isolation.

Initiatives/FY June 2015 Results

MFA supported many projects including the followings which provide various programs for children / elderly people.

  • ■ Anglicare Victoria (Providing practical care for children and families)
  • ■ Autism Awareness (Dedicating to increasing awareness of autism in the community by providing targeted educational programs for parents and professionals, etc.)
  • ■ Assistance Dogs Association (training and providing suitable dogs to assist people with physical disabilities to achieve a greater independence)
  • ■ Big Brothers Big Sisters Australia (Helping change the lives of thousands of disadvantaged young people across Australia)
  • ■ Camp Autism WA (providing the opportunity for families with a child/ren on the Autism Spectrum to attend weekend camps and day events)
  • ■ Camp Quality (Creating a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia)
  • ■ Echuca Specialist School (Providing education for children ages 5-18 years with intellectual and associated disabilities)
  • ■ e.motion21 (providing an Australian-first, evidence based, innovative dance and fitness programs for children and young adults with Down syndrome)
  • ■ FareShare (Turning unused or almost out of date foods into meals for people who need assistance)
  • ■ Fitted for Work (Helping women experiencing disadvantage get work and keep it)
  • ■ Independent Disability Services (Aiming to ensure that people with a disability have the support they require to live the life they want)
  • ■ KidsXpress (Enhancing the emotional well-being of children, their families and their communities by managing and minimising the impact of emotional trauma)
  • ■ Killarney Memorial Aged Care (Providing relief of sickness, incapacity, isolation, insecurity, loneliness and other needs arising from old age)
  • ■ Montrose Access (Providing support services to clients with physical disabilities and their families to assist these clients to achieve their maximum individual potential for participation in the community)
  • ■ Royal Society for the Blind of South Australia (Providing services to South Australians who have a severe vision impairment)
  • ■ Special Olympics (Providing year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with an intellectual disability)

Support for FareShare