Mine Proving Ground (Yamaguchi Prefecture)

The Mine Proving Ground is a comprehensive vehicle proving ground located in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Since its opening in 2006, the Mine Proving Ground has participated in social contribution activities, taking advantage of the unique features of the facilities.

【Environment】Initiatives contributing to environmental protection
【Safety】Initiatives contributing to traffic safety
【Human resources】Initiatives aimed at fostering the next generation
【Community】Community-based initiatives
【Mazda Foundation】Initiatives via Mazda Foundation

Public Service at the Mine Proving Ground



To contribute to community revitalization and traffic safety, by opening the proving ground as a venue


Mine Proving Ground features a 3.33-kilometer circuit, which is used as a venue for Yamaguchi Prefectural Police’s driving technique improvement training and for Ekiden road relay races organized and supported by local governments, etc.

FY March 2016 Results
  • ■ Traffic safety training programs organized by Yamaguchi Prefectural Police: Five times, a total of 77 police officers took part.
  • ■ 8th Mine City Ekiden Road Relay Race organized by the Mine City Ekiden Road Relay Race Steering Committee, etc.: A total of 578 runners from 72 teams in seven categories joined the event. Participants ranged from elementary school children to adults (A total of around 1,620 people including supporters visited).
  • ■ Classic car event in Mine City, “la Festa Della Automobile Classica”: around 1,000 people participated in the event.

Elementary school children running hard

Agreement on Mine-shi “SOS” Network to Watch Loitering Senior People with Dementia



To cooperate toward building a safe and secure community


Mazda participates in the network with relevant organizations, which helps to quickly discover senior people with dementia, in case they loiter around and are missed, thereby protecting their life and physical safety.

FY March 2016 Results

Mazda and its two group companies (Mazda Ace Co., Ltd. and Mazda E&T Co., Ltd.), operating at the Mine Vehicle Proving Ground, concluded an agreement as the organizations supporting the Mine-shi “SOS” Network to Watch Loitering Senior People with Dementia.

Ceremony for conclusion of the agreement