Mazda Head Office (Hiroshima Prefecture) 3

【Environment】Initiatives contributing to environmental protection
【Safety】Initiatives contributing to traffic safety
【Human resources】Initiatives aimed at fostering the next generation
【Community】Community-based initiatives
【Mazda Foundation】Initiatives via Mazda Foundation

Participation in the 2015 Hiroshima Flower Festival



To contribute to community revitalization through active participation in community events


Each year, Mazda has taken part in the Hiroshima Flower Festival since its inception in 1977. The Festival, held on the consecutive holidays in May, is one of the largest events held in Hiroshima Prefecture. The Company hosts the Mazda Zoom-Zoom Plaza, where Mazda vehicles are exhibited and events that are fun for both children and their parents are organized.

FY March 2016 Results
  • ■ Charity bingo sessions were held to donate welfare equipment.
  • ■ Songs and dances by residents, a talk show by respective baseball and football players of Hiroshima Toyo Carp and Sanfrecce Hiroshima, and performance by street entertainers were shown on stage.
  • ■ A kids quiz rally for traffic safety was arranged, and a handcraft section was set up for making original keyrings of Roadster (MX-5 overseas), etc.
  • ■ Mazda joined the Flower Parade (organized by the Hiroshima City Environmental Bureau, with the aim of raising public environmental awareness), with CX-3. Also, a parade of the Roadster (MX-5 overseas) was held in cooperation with members of the Roadster Fan Club.

Charity bingo session

51st Mazda Ekiden Road Relay Race (Hiroshima)



To promote interaction with the community by opening plant grounds for public events


Since 1966, Mazda has continued to hold the Ekiden Road Relay Race. Although it was commenced as an event only for employees, since 1981 when a Community Category was set up to promote communication with local communities, Mazda has invited participants from outside the Company as well. Participants, including both children and adults, run on the 16.3km route in a circuit around the plant grounds, which is broken down into seven separate legs. Participants not only compete for the best times, but also enjoy coming up with original ways to make their teams stand out.

FY March 2016 Results

In March, in addition to 139 teams in the In-house Category, in which Mazda employees competed by division, 135 teams in the Community Category for local residents and suppliers from as far away as the Kyushu and Kanto regions participated (a total of around 2,000 runners from 274 teams).

Start of the runners

Support for the Three Major Professional Teams/Orchestra in Hiroshima (Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Hiroshima Toyo Carp, and Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra)



To promote community sports and culture through support for the local professional football team, baseball team and orchestra


For Sanfrecce Hiroshima and Hiroshima Toyo Carp, in addition to serving as a uniform sponsor, Mazda supports a match played by these teams as a Mazda-sponsored game once a year (management-employee cooperation program). For the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra, Mazda co-sponsors regular concerts, special concert series, etc.

FY March 2016 Results
  • ■ Sanfrecce Hiroshima Mazda Day: The first 7,000 arrivals were given original towels/scarves featuring the Roadster (MX-5 overseas), designed by Mazda and Sanfrecce Hiroshima.
  • ■ Carp Enjoy Mazda Day: A welfare vehicle presentation ceremony was held.
  • ■ Mazda co-sponsored all the four concerts in the “Discovery Series Conducted by Kazuyoshi Akiyama” performed by the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra. The Company also serves as a premium co-sponsor of the 351st regular concert.

Parade during the half-time

Support for the Recovery of Regions Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake


Mazda continues its efforts to contribute to the recovery of the regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

FY March 2016 Results
  • ■ Mazda donated 50 yen for every reply to the customer satisfaction questionnaires through dealerships in Japan; 185,454 customers cooperated in answering the questionnaires. The donation was given to the Japan NPO Center for the Japan Earthquake Local NPO Support Fund.
  • ■ Mazda assisted the Support Our Kids Project in sending ten junior and senior high school students in the affected areas to France for the 5th Homestay Program. These students visited the 24 Hours of Le Mans race and experienced kart racing.
  • ■ Support was provided for quake-affected regions by purchasing their carbon offset credits at environmental events.
  • ■ Mazda donated a portion of the proceeds from Mazda Roadster Charity Flea Market.
  • ■ Grants were provided by way of the Mazda Foundation’s programs for supporting citizen activities. A total of 250,000 yen was provided to two programs to assist the recovery of the regions affected by the earthquake.

Mazda received a certificate of appreciation from Futaba Town (Fukushima Prefecture)*1.

Independence support project
"Support Our Kids"

*1 For the donation of a vehicle to the Futaba Town government, Fukushima Prefecture, in April 2011.

Contributing to Communities in Many Ways


Mazda provides funds for various activities to contribute to the regional communities and to support academic and educational, cultural and artistic, international exchanges and sports areas. In FY March 2016, Mazda provided funds to the Mazda Foundation, which was established to promote science and technology and the sound development of youth, as well as to public organization, etc. (Funds included relief aid for the natural disasters.)

Other Initiatives


Mazda has cooperated for blood donations by its employees during working hours (through the Japan Red Cross Society) since 1964. In FY March 2016, around 2,800 employees including those working at the Hofu Plant donated blood, with a cumulative total of around 94,500 employees participated. The Company also cooperated for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree held in Yamaguchi Prefecture, for fire and disaster prevention activities*2 in local communities, for provision of funds and dispatch of human resources to local economic organizations, etc.

*2 In November 2014, Mazda was certified as a Volunteer Fire Corps Cooperating Organization in Hiroshima City that works closely with the Hiroshima City Fire Service Bureau and Stations.