Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground (Hokkaido)

The Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground is located in the town of Kenbuchi, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido. At this comprehensive vehicle proving ground, automotive winter cold resistance tests are conducted from January to February. Since its opening in 1990, the Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground has participated in socially beneficial activities with particular focus on community contributions, by supporting activities to develop Kenbuchi as a “picture book town”*1, and promoting initiatives taking advantage of the unique features of the proving ground.

*1 Mazda supports the Kenbuchi Picture Town Award and the Kenbuchi Exhibition of Original Paintings for Picture Books held in the Picture Book Museum, which serves as the center for the activities to develop Kenbuchi as a “picture book town.”

【Environment】Initiatives contributing to environmental protection
【Safety】Initiatives contributing to traffic safety
【Human resources】Initiatives aimed at fostering the next generation
【Community】Community-based initiatives
【Mazda Foundation】Initiatives via Mazda Foundation

26th Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground Open Facility Event



To get to know people in the community and convey the Company’s gratitude


Every year since 1990, the Mazda staffs thank the people of the Kenbuchi town, who warmly welcome the staff each winter, by opening the Kenbuchi Proving Ground to the public and inviting local residents to attend a community event.

FY March 2015 Results

In February, Mazda held a community event, in which under good weather, around 330 people from Kenbuchi Town took part. The event programs included the following:

  • ■ Winter activities (including a gymkhana race, a sledge race, quoits, and a ball tossing game)
  • ■ Bingo game (Winners were presented with Hiroshima specialties, etc.)

Kenbuchi town campaign character "Putchina" presenting a participant with a gift

Kenbuchi town campaign character "Putchina" presenting a participant with a gift