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  • 11/15/2018

    Enriching Lives with Art

    Art Exhibitions, Outdoor Opera Performances, and Support for Artists

    Enjoying the Arts at an Outdoor Opera Performance. Expanding Possibilities for Young Artists


    Passing the Sash at the Mazda Plants

    Mazda Ekiden Road Relay Race

    Interacting with the Community at the Spacious Plant Grounds


    Using Sports for Regional Vitalization

    Supporting Local Sports Teams and Events

    Developing World-Class Players and Coaches. Contributing to Sports and Local Exchange


    Supporting Local Sports and Arts

    Supporting Hiroshima's Three Major Professional Organizations

    Sanfrecce Hiroshima, Hiroshima Toyo Carp, Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra


    Providing Medical Care as the Main Community Hospital in Eastern Hiroshima City

    Mazda Hospital

    Providing Steady Medical Care and Support During Disasters. Training Future Medical Professionals


    Great Cooperation for Donation Activities

    Support through "Please Tell Us Your Opinion" Questionnaires

    ¥50 is Donated for Each Completed Questionnaire


    Smiles Blossoming All Over Town

    Santa Project

    Going for a Drive with Children


    We Want to Help Expand Opportunities for Everyone

    Support for Welfare Facilities and People with Disabilities

    Donation of Welfare Vehicles for each Million Stadium Visitors. Supporting the Social Independence of People with Disabilities


    Christmas Gifts Bringing Smiles to Children's Faces Year after Year

    Working with SOS Children's Villages

    "Ambassadors" from Dealerships in Europe Provide Support for Children. Celebrating 10 Years of Activities!


    Expanding Support, Providing Accurate Information about Diseases

    Medical Support

    Supporting a Children's Hospital to Improve the Health and Well-being of Young People. Providing Peace of Mind and Confidence to Cancer Patients and Accurate Information to the Public


    Teaching Children about Safety and Health

    Safety at School and HIV/AIDS Social Responsibility

    Learning about Safety, Health, the Environment, and Team-building at the Safety Mini-Walk Rally


    Enjoying Hiroshima's Flower Festival

    Participation in and Sponsorship of Local Events

    Cooperation for Regional Vitalization. Promoting Health and Wellness through Supporting Local Marathon


    Bringing Smiles and Joy to the Children of Salamanca

    Donating Toys

    Approximately 2,600 Toys for the Children


    Heart-Warming Activities on a -7°C Proving Ground

    Hokkaido Kenbuchi Proving Ground Open Facility Event

    Shouts of Joy during a Ring-Toss and Obstacle Course in the Snow


    International Exchange with Futsal

    Supporting Multicultural Coexistence

    Spending Time with Locals and Foreign Residents


    Racing on a Vehicle Test Course

    Public Service at the Proving Ground

    Offering the 3.33-Kilometer Circuit for Event Use


    Can Purchasing Drinks Contribute to Society?

    Installation of Community-Support Vending Machines

    Donating a Portion of Sales Proceeds


    Rich Experiences and Learning Opportunities for Communities

    Mazda Specialist Bank

    Sharing Mazda's Experiences and Hopes with the Next Generation. Utilizing Specialized Knowledge, Skills, and Many Years of Experience


    MNAO Pledges Charitable Service for Each Customer Test Drive

    Mazda Drive for Good Campaign

    Giving Back to the Communities that have Supported Us