Initiatives with People

It is said that most traffic accidents are caused directly or indirectly by human behavior. Mazda endeavors to raise safety awareness among adults and children through various means of communication.

Raising Traffic Safety Awareness

In cooperation with local municipalities and organizations, Mazda and its Group companies in Japan and overseas conduct various activities to raise safety awareness.
The Company hosts safety-related exhibitions at the Mazda Museum in the Hiroshima Head Office, the “Kids’ Quiz on Traffic Safety” website for children, and other projects.
In May 2015, Mazda held various events to promote understanding of Mazda’s safety technologies, including the event at the Mazda R&D Center Yokohama (MRY), titled “Sustainable ‘Zoom-Zoom’ Forum 2015 — Satisfying both driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance.”

Safe Driving Demonstration

Starting from FY March 2015, Mazda has held the Mazda Driving Academy, an experience and training program to help customers in Japan learn the theories and techniques to control their cars easily, comfortably and safely. A variety of curriculums tailored to the needs and level of the customers are offered, from basic driver training of drive, turn, and stop, to the exciting experience of driving on a racing circuit, with the aim of improving their driving skills and raising the awareness of safe driving. In FY March 2016, the Mazda Driving Academy was held nine times.


Raising Awareness a Safer and Comfortable Driving Position

Mazda is focusing its efforts on the design of a safer and comfortable driving position and promoting activities to communicate the importance of such a position to customers. A customer, seated in the actual driver’s seat, receives explanations about the basic driving position with ideal seating angle in which the driver remains comfortable and stress-free, even during a long-distance drive and can better control the car promptly in case of emergency. This activity has been implemented at some dealers and in some events in Japan since FY March 2015. In FY March 2016, Mazda deployed this activity globally, working to enhance the understanding of distributor/dealership staff in Japan and overseas.

* This huge protractor has been originally designed and manufactured for use at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

* This huge protractor has been originally designed and manufactured for use at the Tokyo Auto Salon.