Mazda Sustainability Report 2015

The Mazda Sustainability Report 2015 in PDF format can be downloaded here (In-Depth Version, Social Contribution Version, Corporate Profile/Sustainability Report (Digest Version)).

Full text of the Mazda Sustainability Report 2015(In-depth version)(135 pages) PDF[15.1MB]
Full text of the Mazda Sustainability Report 2015(Social contribution version)(45 pages) PDF[9.4MB]
PDF Full text of the Mazda Corporate Profile/Sustainability Report (Digest version) 2015 (28 pages) PDF[8.6MB]

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Full text of the Mazda Sustainability Report 2015 (In-depth version) Partial Download

Editorial Policy P1 PDF[92KB]
Corporate Vision P2 PDF[215KB]

Top Message

Continuing to Tackle Challenges, Envisioning Cars Existing Sustainably with the Earth and Society P3-5 PDF[215KB]
Corporate Profile / Global Network P6 PDF[458KB]
FY March 2015 Highlights P7 PDF[221KB]
Major Product Lineup / Top 10 Markets in Global Sales for FY March 2015 P8 PDF[303KB]

Feature Story

New Demio/Mazda2 — Embodies the Mazda Brand P9-14 PDF[1.53MB]

Mazda CSR

Mazda CSR P15-21 PDF[551KB]
Stakeholder Engagement P22-23 PDF[183KB]

Customer Satisfaction

ISO26000 6.7 Customer issues

Commitment to Customers (Quality / Products / Sales / Customer Service) P24-41 PDF[2.88MB]
Safety Initiatives P42-49 PDF[1.04MB]

Environmental Protection

ISO26000 6.5 The environmental

Basic Approach on Environmental Protection P50-52 PDF[338KB]
Mazda Green Plan 2020 Mid-Term Environmental Plan P53-56 PDF[151KB]
Environmental Management P57-60 PDF[224KB]
Efforts Regarding Product and Technology Development P61-69 PDF[939KB]
Efforts Regarding Manufacturing and Logistics P70-76 PDF[193KB]
Collection and Recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) and Used Parts P77-78 PDF[163KB]
Biodiversity Conservation P79 PDF[92KB]
Environmental Communication P80-81 PDF[153KB]
Mazda’s Corporate Activities and Impact on the Environment P82-83 PDF[113KB]

Social Contributions

ISO26000 6.8 Community involvement and development

Social Contributions P84-87 PDF[1.02MB]

Respect for People

ISO26000 6.3 Human rights/6.4 Labour practices

Initiatives with Employees P88-100 PDF[613KB]
Human Rights P101-103 PDF[208KB]


ISO26000 6.2 Organizational governamce/6.6 Fair operating practices

Management (Corporate Governance / Internal Controls / Risk Management / Compliance) P104-112 PDF[386KB]
Implementing CSR in the Value Chain P113-115 PDF[160KB]
With Shareholders and Investors P116-118 PDF[241KB]


Innovation (Innovation to Pursue the Mazda Brand / Collaboration with Automobile Manufacturers / Collaboration with Suppliers / Industry- Academia-Government Collaboration Initiatives) P119-123 PDF[691KB]
Major External Evaluation/Awards for FY March 2015 P124 PDF[104KB]
History of Mazda P125-126 PDF[841KB]
Third-Party Opinion P127 PDF[76KB]
Third-Party Verification P128 PDF[416KB]
Third-Party Assurance P129 PDF[636KB]
Table of Comparisons with Guidelines P130-133 PDF[97KB]