Mazda Sustainability Report 2014

The Mazda Sustainability Report 2014 in PDF format can be downloaded here.

Full text of the Mazda Sustainability Report 2014(In-depth version)(176 pages) PDF[14.6MB]

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Full text of the Mazda Corporate Profile/Sustainability Report (Digest version) 2014 PDF[6.81MB]

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Full text of the Mazda Sustainability Report 2014 (In-depth version) Partial Download

Editorial Policy P1 PDF[515KB]
Corporate Profile/Financial and Other Information P2 PDF[498KB]

Top Message

Committing Sustainable Growth in Harmony with the Earth and Society P3-5 PDF[592KB]

Special Features

Promoting Brand Value-Focused Management P6 PDF[730MB]
Global Deploymentof Mazda's Monotsukuri Innovation P7-10 PDF[1.03MB]

Mazda CSR

Mazda CSR P11-17 PDF[788KB]

Customer Satisfaction

ISO26000 6.7 Customer issues

Commitment to Customers Quality / Products / Sales / After-Sales Service P18-39 PDF[1.53MB]
Safety Initiatives P40-45 PDF[838KB]

Environmental Protection

ISO26000 6.5 The environmental

Basic Approach on Environmental Protection P46-47 PDF[658KB]
Mazda Green Plan 2020 Mid-term Environmental Plan P48-51 PDF[481KB]
Improvement of Base Technologies and the Building-block Strategy P52-54 PDF[616MB]
Developing Technologies for the Next Generation P55-57 PDF[578KB]
Making Environmentally Conscious Vehicles P58-59 PDF[601KB]
Prevention of Global Warming (Manufacturing) P60-61 PDF[485KB]
Prevention of Global Warming (Logistics) P62-63 PDF[484KB]
Recycling and Resource Conservation P64-66 PDF[588KB]
Management and Reduction of Substances with Environmental Impact P67-69 PDF[470KB]
Biodiversity Conservation P70-71 PDF[461KB]
Preventing Water and Air Pollution P72-73 PDF[487KB]
Environmental Communication P74-75 PDF[526KB]
Environmental Management P76-79 PDF[590KB]
Mazda's Corporate Activities and Impact on the Environment P80-81 PDF[548KB]

Social Contributions

ISO26000 6.8 Community involvement and development

Basic Policy on Initiatives P82-83 PDF[697KB]
Major Activities in Japan P84-103 PDF[2.05MB]
Major Overseas Activities P104-123 PDF[1.62MB]

Respect for People

ISO26000 6.3 Human rights/6.4 Labour practices

Initiatives with Employees P124-136 PDF[955KB]
Respect for Human Rights P137-139 PDF[639KB]


ISO26000 6.2 Organizational governamce/6.6 Fair operating practices

Corporate Governance / Internal Controls / Risk Management / Compliance P140-149 PDF[770MB]
Implementing CSR in the Value Chain P150-154 PDF[619KB]
With Shareholders and Investors P155-156 PDF[532KB]
Stakeholder Engagement P157-162 PDF[671KB]
FY March 2014 Major Awards from Outside P163-164 PDF[472KB]
Global Network P165 PDF[685KB]
Major Product Lineup/Top 10 Markets in Global Sales for FY March 2014 P166 PDF[607KB]
Four Initiatives of Our Structural Reform Plan, and Future Actions/Profit Growth Image/Consolidated Financial Highlights P167 PDF[510KB]
History of Mazda P168-169 PDF[844MB]
Table of Comparisons with Guidelines P170-173 PDF[470KB]
Third-Party Opinion P174 PDF[457KB]