Internal Controls

Mazda has established the Mazda Corporate Ethics Code of Conduct, which states action guidelines for employees, the Finance Control Guideline for global financial control, and other guidelines. Based on these guidelines, each department develops rules, procedures, manuals, etc. to promote establishment of internal control.
For Group companies, cooperative systems have been established, in accordance with the Domestic Affiliates Administration Rules and the Overseas Affiliates Administration Rules. The responsible department at Mazda supports training and system improvement for each Group company.

Mazda Internal Controls

Mazda Internal Controls

Internal Control Self-Diagnosis

In 1998 Mazda initiated a system of self-diagnosis of internal controls for the purpose of disseminating awareness concerning internal controls. Currently, self-diagnosis is carried out at almost all Mazda Group companies in Japan and overseas. This system enables the persons in charge of actually developing and operating the processes and mechanisms, not third parties such as internal auditing departments or auditing companies, to evaluate internal controls using the checklist. Through this system, Mazda’s departments and Mazda Group companies have proactively found inadequacies in internal controls and taken action to improve them.
Mazda’s auditing department reviews the procedure for self-diagnosis and provides advices for necessary improvements while ensuring that any newly found risks would be reflected in the checklist, so as to always ensure proper and effective diagnosis.

Implementation of Internal Controls Signoff System

From FY March 2007 Mazda has introduced the signoff system, in which top management of Mazda’s each department and each Group company ensure internal controls by “signing-off” after identifying inadequacies in controls and confirming the status of correction thereof through auditing and self-diagnosis. The Mazda Internal Controls Report is prepared based on the contents of these signoffs.
From FY March 2010, for the purpose of early discovery of inadequacies at each department or Group company, a new system of quarterly reporting has been implemented whereby inadequacies found are reported to the Mazda’s auditing department on a quarterly basis. For each inadequacy reported, the deadline and responsible person for improvement are determined to facilitate speedy improvement.