Industrial Relations

Mazda has a standing labor agreement with the Mazda Workers’ Union*1. The Company has a shared outlook on the direction of its business operations and aims to build relationships in which everyone thinks and works together to contribute to all stakeholders. Labor-Management discussions are held once or twice a month between the Company and Mazda Workers’ Union on such themes as personnel affairs, production and sales.
A discussion with Mazda Workers’ Union is also held regarding operation changes which may have a significant impact. The information about operation changes should be shared with employees with sufficient lead time. Moreover, various measures for discussion with labor are ready in entire Mazda Group to maintain and develop positive labor relations.

■ Group companies in Japan
Regularly exchanges information and engages in active discussions with the Federation of All Mazda Workers’ Unions.

■ Group companies in oversea
Measures for discussion with labor are ready based on the labor practices in each country and region.
(There was no collective labor dispute in FY March 2016.)

*1 Membership is around 90% of Mazda employees.

Labor and management leaders shake hands

Leaders both from management and labor shake hands