Initiatives with Employees 3

Human Resources System to Provide Appropriate Jobs and Environments*

Mazda uses the Tobiuo Human Resources System to provide the appropriate jobs and environments where each employee can demonstrate their best performance and to support their development and success.
Specifically, a wide variety of human resource measures are actively deployed based on the system’s three pillars of “Choice and Self-Accomplishment,” “Promote Balance between Work and Life,” and “Best Match of People, Work and Rewards.”

The Three Pillars of Tobiuo

The Three Pillars of Tobiuo

* Initiatives at Mazda Motor Corporation

Career Meetings*

At Mazda, opportunities for formal communication are provided for all employees through one-on-one career meetings between supervisors and their staff, held four times a year. The things that employees should do, the specific targets and broad goals expected by supervisors are combined with the employees’ personal goals as well as the things they hope to, and can achieve, enabling supervisors and their staff to understand each other and proceed to set common targets. Based on the Mazda Way, they reflect on their work accomplishments and personal initiatives and efforts in order to encourage personal development and successful performance.
In addition, supervisors are required to take coaching training so that they can successfully motivate employees at these career meetings.

Main Themes of Career Meetings

Discussions to encourage personal development:

Confirm vision of future upon accomplishment of goals, determine abilities to refine through work and activities to undertake, monitor rate of improvement

Discussions to encourage performance:

Determine work-related targets, confirm progress toward meeting targets, share present and future issues

Ratio of career meetings held

FY March 2016: 94.4% of all applicable employees

Competency Evaluation System

Mazda has established the Competency Evaluation System, in which the work attitude and behavior of administrative and engineering staff are evaluated once a year.
Based on the seven principles of the Mazda Way, a subjective evaluation is carried out to assess the work attitude and behavior that individual employees are expected to improve (competency evaluation items), from the employees’ own perspectives and from the perspectives of their supervisors and subordinates/colleagues/partner companies (multi-dimensional feedback). Feedback on the evaluation results is given to employees by supervisors at the career meetings, at which they discuss future issues to be addressed.
The competency evaluation system is used as an effective tool for supporting employees’ personal development and successful performance. The evaluation results are used as a reference for effective company-wide positioning of personnel.

* Initiatives at Mazda Motor Corporation

OJT Coach System*

Mazda has introduced the OJT (on-the-job-training) coach system for all new employees in administrative and engineering positions since FY March 2012.
Typically a senior employee who shares a workplace with the new hire is assigned as an OJT coach providing the job related advices to each new hire. The purposes of this system are to train new employees, foster the coach’s growth, and energize the workplace.

* Initiatives at Mazda Motor Corporation

Career Challenge (In-House Recruitment / FA) System*

In-house recruitment and the FA (free agent) system are available as a part of the career development assistance for employees.

In-house recruitment

A system where the Company releases details on occupational experience and skill requirements for the specific assignments so that the appropriate employees are able to apply for a particular job

FA (Free Agent) System

A system where employees release their abilities and career history via the FA Declaration in order to challenge the job in a different field of work or department using their accumulated skills and experience

* Initiatives at Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda Technical College (Two-Year Course)*

Mazda Technical College, approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, is an inhouse education institution offering courses to high school graduates and selected employees in order to cultivate human resources that can play a central role in manufacturing at Mazda. Those who complete the two-year program are assigned to production and manufacturing related divisions, and thrive at various manufacturing sites and in a range of situations.

  • ■ Number of present students: 94 (as of April 1st, 2016)*1
  • ■ Total number of graduates (among present employees): 1,412 (from April 1988 through March 2016)

* Initiatives at Mazda Motor Corporation
*1 Including five students from Group companies

Promotion of Work-Life Balance*

Mazda is working on a variety of programs to enable its employees — a diverse range of people with different values and lifestyles — to enjoy their work and find a healthy balance between their work and personal lives. To promote understanding of various measures to help employees achieve a better life-work balance, the Company provides explanations in management skills training programs, and in the section “Compass for Work and Rewards of Employees” on the Intranet about support measures designed for each life event.
In FY March 2004, Mazda’s variety and frequency of use of systems introduced to enable the balancing of work with child-rearing and/or nursing care was recognized, and the Company received commendation from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as the most “Family-Friendly Company” in Japan. Also, in FY March 2008, Mazda was awarded the Kurumin*2 certification logo mark in affirmation of its action plan for child-rearing support initiatives, based upon the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Law to Support the Development of the Next Generation.

Kurumin logo mark

Kurumin logo mark

Major Measures to Maintain Work-Life Balance and Diversity in the Workplace

* Initiatives at Mazda Motor Corporation
*2 Kurumin logo certification status of domestic Group companies: Mazda Motor Corporation (2007), Mazda E&T (2009), Mazda Logistics(2011), Kurashiki Kako (2011), Mazda Ace (2012)


【Canada】Highly Valued from Outside the Company for a Positive Working Environment

Consistent focus on promoting a positive working environment for employees resulted in Mazda Canada (MCI)*3 winning the award as one of the Greater Toronto Area’s Top 100 Employers 2016. The award was founded in 2006 and has become a benchmark in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for workplace best practices, having around 8,000 applications to this 10th annual competition. With the eight criteria’s*4, MCI was especially highly valued in the area of benefits for employees; to find a healthy balance between their work and personal lives.

*3 Mazda’s distributor
*4 A competition to choose the top 100 employers which have offices in the GTA for workplace best practices. The award evaluates the employers based on the following eight criteria’s: (1) physical workplace; (2) work atmosphere and social; (3) health, financial and family benefits; (4) vacation and time-off; (5) employee communications; (6) performance management; (7) training and skills development; and (8) community involvement.


Now I am in charge of developing and administrating online training programs for the employees at head office and staff members at Mazda’s dealerships across the country. I first started off working as a contracted employee in Mazda Canada’s warranty department. However, by the time at the expiration of the contract, it was hard for me to leave MCI because of the corporate culture, of how they respect individuals’ skills and create a good environment for communication. Fortunately, there was an open position in the brand engagement department; I applied for it as a full-time employee and succeeded. I will continue to develop and administrate training programs to enhance brand value of Mazda.

Amanda Goldenberg
Specialist, Curriculum
Development, Mazda
Canada Inc.(MCI)


[Mexico] Event for Employees and Their Families

In December 2015, Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation (MMVO)*5 held a year-end festival for its employees and their families. In addition to presentations on Mazda’s vehicles and history, this event featured a variety of attractions, aiming to help develop an emotional connection to MMVO and the Mazda brand among employees and to cultivate confidence to the company among their families. Around 15,000 people participated in the festival. One of the employees commented “I feel proud as I am able to show the facility and atmosphere of MMVO to my family.”

*5 A production site that started operations in January 2014


【Thailand】Buddhist Edification on the Anniversary Event

On the third anniversary of the establishment in February 2016, Mazda Powertrain Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. *6 (MPMT), arranged Buddhist edification with the theme of “How to make a unity happy workplace” for all employees. In Thailand, participation of a Buddhist priest in a ceremony is recognized as a part of human resources development because there is a historical background of Buddhist priests playing important role as educators. The program on the day was morality coaching after delightful ice braking activity was beyond expectations, receiving positive feedback from employees such as “the content was something that I could put into practice.”

*6 Transmission plant in Thailand.

Mazda Mutual Aid Union*

The Mazda Mutual Aid Union has its foundations in the spirit of mutual assistance for all members*7. Funded by mutual membership fees (from both members and the Company) as well as special contributions from the Company, this organization provides a range of assistance to its members and their families.

Marriage and Childbirth Support

  • ■ Payments of gift money for marriage and childbirth
    ¥15,000 is paid upon marriage, and ¥5,000 per child is paid upon childbirth

Long-Term Care Support

  • ■ Long-term care leave payments
    ¥30,000/month will be paid to members who take leave under the long-term care leave system
    (If payment continues for more than three months, ¥100,000/month will be paid for the months after first three months)
  • ■ Family long-term care relief payments
    ¥50,000/year will be paid to members whose spouse is in a state requiring long-term care (as defined by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) for a continuous period of one year or more

Education Support

  • ■ Educational expenses loan
    A loan of up to ¥1 million per child (deferred loan) will be offered when a member’s child enters university graduate/undergraduate studies, junior college, or a vocational or technical school
  • ■ Payment of subsidies for raising disabled children
    ¥50,000/year will be paid in support of child development to members whose child possess a grade 2 disability or higher

Support During Disasters, etc.

  • ■ Payments of money as condolence following a disaster
    Up to ¥160,000 will be paid in condolence if a member or his/her parents’ home is adversely affected by a disaster
  • ■ Emergency loan
    A loan of up to ¥500,000 (deferred loan) will be offered to members who are in mourning, hospitalized, on leave from work for injury/sickness, the victim of a disaster, caring for family members, under infertility treatment, etc.

Other Support

  • ■ Injury/sickness leave payments, long-term medical relief payments, and injury/ sickness leave special payments
    ¥5,000 will be paid each time a member takes leave of one month or more for injury or sickness ¥30,000/month will be paid for a long-term (three months or more) period of leave (if long-term leave results in the member not receiving his/ her bonus, the member will receive a special payment of up to ¥100,000)
  • ■ Financial aid for advanced medical treatment
  • ■ Monetary condolence gifts and farewell gifts, financial support for survivor’s pensions funds and scholarship pension funds, etc.

* Initiatives at Mazda Motor Corporation
*7 Executives and regular employees, as well as those approved by the governing board.