Initiatives with Employees 1

Basic Approach to Human Resources

Mazda recognizes that people are its most important resource and aims to be a company staffed by people who enjoy their work. To this end, the Company promotes human resources training based on the Mazda Way principles that are shared throughout the entire Mazda Group worldwide. Also, the Company has established Group-wide human resources policies and measures along with promotion of various initiatives.

Mazda Way

In FY March 2009, Mazda summarized seven basic principles and values handed down within the Company over time and defined these as the Mazda Way. In FY March 2015, examples of best work practices conducted within the Company were shared to encourage the implementation of such practices, in order to raise awareness of the Mazda Way in each Mazda employee and promote related changes in behavior. Mazda continues to promote measures to ensure that the Mazda Way can easily be put into practice by employees.

Seven Principles of the Mazda Way

    We keep acting with integrity toward our customers, society, and our own work.
    We devote ourselves to the basics, and make steady efforts in a step by step fashion.
    We continue to improve with wisdom and ingenuity.
    We set a high goal, and keep challenging to achieve it.
    We think and act with “self initiative.”
    We learn and teach each other for our mutual growth and success.
    We think and act with the view of “Global” and “One Mazda.”

Group-wide Human Resources Policies

Mazda engages in regular communication with Group companies worldwide, and the each Group company is working together to create further opportunities for interaction among personnel and cultivate a climate based on a shared point of view.
Overseas Group companies have established a system to conduct management strongly rooted in local communities. By appointing locally hired personnel as managers and above, the Company makes global efforts to create a comfortable working environment tailored to the culture of each country and region.


Global Personnel Development Committee*1

Mazda is aiming to provide medium- to long-term training for employees to become leaders in every field of global business and ensure their optimal positioning and performance. Top managements of Mazda Motor Corporation and its Group companies discuss and decide the development and exchange plan for individual personnel in these companies.

Regular meetings with human resources managers of Group companies
  • ■ Regular meetings (monthly) with overseas regions
  • ■ Quarterly meeting with domestic Group companies located on the premises of the Head Office (Hiroshima)

Rate of local hiring personnel assigned to management-level in overseas Group companies


Employment Rate in FY March 2015 69%

*1 The Personal Development Committee (PDC) comprises three committees: PDC1, the highest level of PDC, which covers personnel in domestic and overseas global companies; PDC2, which covers the personnel in middle management of Mazda Motor Corporation; and PDC3, which covers employees of Mazda Motor Corporation excluding PDC1 and PDC2 level.

Global Personnel Exchange and Employment

Mazda implements short- and medium-term human resources exchanges throughout the Group as a whole, through the Global PDC (Global Personnel Development Committee) and other measures, to enable a diverse range of employees to succeed on the global stage regardless of their country of origin or place of employment. Also, each of the Group companies both in Japan and overseas secure to employee the personnel suited to each country and region, conducting a unique recruitment procedure respectively.

Short-term personnel exchange program

This program is mainly designed for employees in mid-level positions, with the aim of developing human resources who can be immediately effective in global business settings. Suitable employees in the Head Office are exchanged with their counterparts in overseas regions to gain opportunities for overseas business experience for a short term (three to six months). In the five years from FY March 2011, when the program commenced, to FY March 2015, a total of 21 employees were exchanged. In FY March 2015, six employees participated in this exchange program.


Ensuring the Communication with My Members and Making Them Progress as an Individual

I am working on the management of Marketing and Sales Department in Indonesian market. To achieve our best for our team objectives and company growth and to make the members progress as an individual, I ensure everyone communicating clearly in any forms of communication and use different approach that suitable for each individual. My supervisor and Mazda’s Head office provide me adequate support. I believe, in our company, gender does not limit your chance to play an important role and work and life balance for all employees is promoted.

Astrid Ariani Wijana PT.Mazda Motor Indonesia

Astrid Ariani Wijana
PT.Mazda Motor Indonesia

Realization of Diversity

Mazda respects the diversity of its employees, and the Company aims to foster a corporate climate in which every employee can express his/her individuality while working alongside others to contribute to the Company and society. Mazda also works on a variety of programs to enable its employees — a diverse range of people with different values and lifestyles — to enjoy their work and find a healthy balance between their work and personal lives.

Increasing the Employment and Range of Opportunities for Female Employees*

Through enhancement of measures promoting work-life balance and other initiatives, Mazda is striving to cultivate a workplace in which women can work comfortably, with the ratio of female employees steadily increasing.
To further promote the opportunities for female employees and increase the number of female middle management and above to three times the figure as of March 31, 2014 by 2020, Mazda will draw up individual development plans for female candidates for middle and above management positions to support and promote their active participations.
Mazda supports the “Action Plans on Promotion of Women to Managerial and Board Position” by the Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren), and participates in it*2.

*2Mazda Promoting Active Participation of Female Employees

Employment for Those with Special Needs*

Mazda steadily and continuously recruits employees with special needs, considering that each employee can demonstrate his/her best performance. In support of a comfortable working environment for employees with special needs, Mazda has established the Physical Challenge Support Desk for consultations.
In March 2014, Mazda was certified as an Ai Support Company/Organization under the Ai Support campaign*3, by Hiroshima Prefecture. The Company participates in this campaign with the aim of helping realize a society where all people can live in harmony and in comfort, regardless of whether they are with or without special needs.
In response to the growing social needs for employment of intellectually and mentally challenged people, Mazda started to hire intellectually challenged people in FY March 2016.

*3 ”Ai” is Love in English. The Ai Support campaign is intended to certify companies and organizations that recommend their employees to read the textbook “Let’s Learn about and Live with People with Special Needs,” and to participate in Ai Supporter training programs.

Physical Challenge Support Desk*
  • ■ Consultations are conducted for employees with special needs by a special career counselor regarding their work-related concerns, and helping to ensure a workplace environment that facilitates productive work (through devices to convert spoken words into text, automatic doors, etc.).
  • ■ Assign sign-language interpreters to further facilitate communication with people with hearing impairments (two interpreters as of April 2015).
  • ■ Holds Physical Challenge Networking Events through the collaborative effort of employees and management in order to provide opportunities for employees with same special needs to introduce their work content or consult each other on worries and problems. Held regularly to promote awareness and realizations that lead to energetic and positive efforts.
  • ■ Created the Physical Challenge Guidebook*4, which provides general knowledge on disabilities, so as to deepen understanding of people with special needs, and implement appropriate measures with the aim of creating a work environment in which employees with special needs can thrive.
  • ■ Promotes employees to obtain relevant certifications, such as the qualification to work as a career counselor for employees with special needs*5 ,and to attend training sessions so that people in the workplace can provide further support for employees with special needs.

*4 A guidebook to be used when accepting people with special needs, providing information on the characteristics of each disability and considerations upon hiring.
*5 A qualification certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Counselors provide general workplace and lifestyle consultations and guidance for individuals with special needs.

Promoting Re-Employment of the Elderly, and Passing on Expertise, Skills, and Know-How*

Mazda is actively re-employing retired former employees to help them share their expertise, skills, and know-how with younger employees. Efforts are being made to create a work environment that is fulfilling yet able to balance work and personal life through measures such as reduced work hours and shorter days.
Starting in FY March 2014, Mazda has introduced a system to ensure the continued employment of all post-retirement employees who wish to continue working, in response to the revised Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, which took effect in April 2013.

Systems to Enable Limited-Term Employees in Manufacturing Operations to Become Full-time Employees and Mazda Workers’ Union Members*

Mazda is implementing ongoing measures toward the achievement of a workplace in which limited-term employees can feel fulfilled with their work.
A system has been put in place for limited-term employees who have worked for one year or more at Mazda in becoming full-time employees. In addition, limited-term employees who have worked for six months or more and had their contracts renewed can become members of the Mazda Workers’ Union. Through these and other initiatives, the Company is cultivating a sense of oneness among employees with different employment styles as it aims to cultivate a vibrant environment where employees can enjoy their work.

* Initiatives at Mazda Motor Corporation

Employee Data (as of March 31, 2015)*6

  Number of Employees Average Age*9 Average Years of Employment*9





Non-consolidated *7 Male 9,652 9,755 39.8 17.1
Female 634 1,254 36.3 13.3
Total 21,295 39.5 16.8
Consolidated*8 Total 44,035

*6 Subject to independent third-party assurance
*7 The “Non-consolidated” numbers exclude the number of employees dispatched to Mazda Motor Corporation from other companies, but include the number of Mazda Motor Corporation employees dispatched to other companies.
*8 The “Consolidated” numbers exclude the number of Mazda Group employees dispatched to companies outside the Group, but include the number of employees dispatched to Mazda Group companies from outside the Group.
*9 Exclude the number of employees hired under the Expert Family system.


   FY March 2013 FY March 2014 FY March 2015
Number of female employees hired 124 95 117
Number of female managers
(assistant manager and above)
133 149 162
Number of female managers
(middle management and above)
21 20 24
Percentage of female managers*10
(assistant manager and above)
3.4% 3.8% 4.0%
Percentage of female managers*11
(middle management and above)
1.6% 1.5% 1.7%
Number of male managers
(middle management and above)
1,318 1,343 1,392
Number of workers aged 60 and over
(Expert Family)
1,084 1,240 1,114
Percentage of employees with special needs*12 1.92%
(Legal rate: 1.8%)
(Legal rate: 2.0%)
(Legal rate: 2.0%)
Number of employees with special needs*12 256 279 287
Average age of managers 50.9 51.1 51.5
Employee turnover rate*13 4.1% 3.5% 3.6%
Number of new graduates hired
(University, college and high school graduates)
Male 415 133 215
Female 101 50 66

*10 Number of female managers (assistant manager and above)/ Number of managers (assistant manager and above)
*11 Number of female managers (middle management and above)/ Number of managers (middle management and above)
*12 Average number in each fiscal year
*13 Exclude the number of employees hired under the Expert Family system.