Health Maintenance and Improvement

To maintain and improve the health of its employees, Mazda conducts health checkups, and promotes measures to prevent and mitigate mental health problems and lifestyle-related diseases. Companywide health improvement activities are under way emphasizing the reduction of health risks, by providing guidance and education based on the results of health checkups, taking aging countermeasures, supporting related activities at domestic Group companies, and offering health maintenance support for employees dispatched to other companies overseas.

Measures for Health Risk

Health Checkups*

In addition to legally prescribed health checkups for all employees, Mazda carries out comprehensive medical checkups*1 covering a variety of areas for employees when they reach the ages of 25, 30, and 35, and when they pass the age of 40. Furthermore, the Company conducts complete physical checkups*2, including gastroscopy and abdominal ultrasonography, for employees when they reach the ages of 50, 54, and 58. Based on the results of these health checkups, Company doctors determine if employees can continue to work or not. Mazda also promotes employees’ health by offering personal health guidance and education by Company doctors and health advisors.

Health Checkup Data


  FY March 2014 FY March 2015 FY March 2016
Percentage of employees receiving health checkups 100% 100% 100%

Number of comprehensive medical checkups

11,267 12,184 12,707

Number of general regular medical checkups
(excluding the above)

17,929 17,563 18,110
Number of specific medical checkups 1,980 1,879 2,524
Number of overseas medical checkups 484 453 694
Number of people receiving personal guidance on the basis of health checkup results
(including specific health guidance)
1,871 840 1,467

*1 For employees who reach the age of 30, 35, and 40-and-above, breast cancer and uterine cancer examinations are available with comprehensive medical checkups upon request.
*2 Offerings checkups of the brain, the lungs, etc. as paid options.

Health Risk Measures*

The business climate has undergone various changes, including the globalization of workplaces and an increase in the number of people who are continuously employed after retirement. Giving consideration to these changes, Mazda strives to establish a system to appropriately assess and deal with the health risk of employees, from the perspectives of risk prevention and management.

Measures for Employees at High Health Risk

Mazda has established a system to take appropriate measures for employees at high health risk for heart diseases and cerebrovascular diseases. The Company also promotes activities to clarify the assessment indexes, such as the process of determining high-risk individuals by multiple Company doctors based on relevant data, and to establish a follow-up system to care for high-risk individuals after their health checkups, through collaboration among the person in question, the Company doctor and other members of the workplace.

* After the interview results are confirmed by the employee, these results are also reported to the employee’s manager.

* Initiatives at Mazda Motor Corporation