Responding to Expectations and Opinions of Customers

At distributors/dealerships in each country and region, systems have been established to listen to the opinions and requests of customers, to respond to them honestly, accurately and quickly, and to reflect them in sales and services in cooperation with Mazda Head Office.*1
The contacts of each market area and FAQ (frequently asked questions)*2 are available on the Mazda website for the convenience of customers.
To strengthen bonds with customers, Mazda conducts global surveys focusing on “Mazda brand experience,” “sales and after-sales services,” “ownership cost,” product attractiveness,” and other specific items. Through these surveys, the Company identifies problems in each market and addresses them in cooperation with local distributors/dealerships. With the indicators to measure customer satisfaction applied, the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle process has been established.
Mazda also conducts “social delight listening*3” to study and analyze opinions about Mazda through social media.

*1 Distributor List in each country
*2 Inquiries from Japan / FAQ
*3 Hear the voices of customers through social media to study and analyze.


Customer Service Framework

FY March 2016 Breakdown of Mazda Call Center Customer Responses by Type (In Japan) (April 2015-March 2016)

FY March 2015 Breakdown of Mazda Call Center Customer Responses by Type (In Japan) (April 2014-March 2015)

Targets and Results for FY March 2016 (In Japan)

Targets and Results for FY March 2015 (In Japan)

Voices of the customers who purchased or testdrove Mazda vehicles are presented on the website (in Japanese only).

Sharing and Recognition of Best Practices at Distributors/Dealerships

To boost the level of sales and CS*4 efforts throughout the distributors and dealerships, a system of sharing and awarding best practices has been put in place. Specifically, the system is to share the good practices with the members and award staff based on the viewpoints of: remarkable contribution to sales, growth potential in service/parts businesses, ability to respond to quality problems, activities and results of CS surveys in the sales and service fields, and achievements in CRM*5 activities.

Walk-Around Contest

The Walk-Around Contest

Examples of initiatives in Japan

Measures Frequency Objective/Contents
Customer Satisfaction (CS) Initiatives Presentation Meetings Once a year

CS Initiatives Presentation Meetings are held, hosted by the Mazda Dealership Association in each region, to share examples of best practices from dealerships and shops.

Staff Awards Once a year

To encourage staff self-improvement, meetings are held on a periodic basis to award sales and service staff members according to their degrees of achievement of targets, improvement of technical skills, and contribution to improved vehicle quality. Besides individuals, shops that have achieved their targets as a result of their customer-oriented activities, demonstrating excellent teamwork, are also awarded.

Walk-Around Contest Once a year

The Walk-Around Contest, a competition of customer-service role-playing, is held with the aim of encouraging sales staff to acquire product knowledge and improve their customer service skills. In FY March 2015, the national competition for used-car sales is held concurrently with the competition.

*4 Customer Satisfaction
*5 Customer Relationship Management

Communication with Dealerships

Mazda works to provide its all dealerships in Japan and overseas with information on mid- and long-term strategies, products, and services in a timely manner, and also makes proactive efforts to collect information from them.

Communication Opportunities with Dealerships in Japan

Participants Frequency Objective/Contents

Conferences for dealership representatives

Representatives of dealerships and Mazda directors

Once a year To communicate Mazda policies

Mazda Dealership
Association in Japan
Executive board of directors meeting

Executive board members and others from Mazda Dealership Association in Japan (with Mazda representatives also attending twice yearly)

Four times a year

Information concerning product development, service and parts requests, quality concerns, and other topics is exchanged and discussed.

Mazda Dealership
Association in Japan
Specialized committees

Committee members from Mazda Dealership Association in Japan and Mazda representatives As needed
Conferences for division and department heads of dealerships Representatives from each region and Mazda As needed

Meetings regularly convened for relevant departments of dealerships to exchange information and opinions on specific topics including new models, used models, aftersales service, insurance, etc.

Communication Opportunities with Overseas Group Companies and Distributors

Participants Frequency Objective/Contents
Product Launch Events

Representatives from major overseas bases of operation, such as the United States, Europe, China and Australia


To share information and exchange opinions globaly upon the product launch In FY March 2016, the event was held in December, with about 60 participants

Global Brand Forum

Representatives from major operation bases, such as the United States, Europe, China, Australia and Japan

3 times a year

Representatives of major regions meet to build common understanding and consensus on brand strategies, and share initiatives. In FY March 2016, a total of 150 representatives participated.

Regional Brand Forum

Representatives from major operation bases, such as the United States, Europe, China, ASEAN, Japan

3 to 4 times a year

Discussions are held and opinions are exchanged for each region to determine practical actions for implementing the brand strategies. In FY March 2016, a total of 500 representatives participated.

4A*6 Distributors Forum

Representatives from Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, and Africa regions

Once a year

Discussions covering a wide range of topics including business, marketing, product launches, etc. In FY March 2016, the event was held in November, with about 170 participants.

*6 Areas except North America, Europe, China, Taiwan and Japan