Customer Service (Provision of Safe, Secure and Comfortable Ownership Experiences)

Realizing Customer Services Relied on by Customers for Life

To provide a safer, secure and comfortable ownership experience and realize customer services that will be relied on by customers for life, Mazda has established a system to promptly support customers with its high maintenance skills. The Company has launched, both in Japan and overseas, a program to promote reform to provide customers with services that exceed their expectations throughout the period between their purchase of a new vehicle and the next purchase.
Mazda Head Office has maintained systems to assist dealers in Japan and overseas, providing tools and service manuals, establishing parts supply networks, and offering training for service trainers and service staff.
New model training is provided in several stages according to the learning priorities, to enable efficient acquisition of service skills for the diverse technologies employed in a vehicle. To improve the quality of training, the Company develops training materials using animation and 3D graphics to visually help trainees understand how new technologies work.

Providing Tools/Service Manuals

Mazda promotes the initiatives below to ensure a constant high service quality at Mazda Group dealers in Japan and overseas.

  • ■ Providing information on special tools dedicated to Mazda vehicles and their usage
  • ■ Deploying unique service diagnostic devices that are compatible with the sophisticated electronic control systems adopted in a wide range of safety and environmental technologies
  • ■ Establishing an Internet-based support system, which enables quick and accurate access to the latest service manuals, as well as efficient search and ordering for parts

Parts Supply Networks

To avoid making customers wait for maintenance service, Mazda is reorganizing its networks on a global scale to facilitate the speedy delivery of parts and accessories from parts/accessories manufacturers to dealers. Having established new networks for the supply of parts from major production bases both in Japan and overseas, the Company endeavors to provide appropriate parts and accessories in a timely manner, responding flexibly to market needs.

Japan: Nighttime wide-area delivery was enabled by the integration of parts inventory centers into three depots (Saitama, Nagoya, Hiroshima) of Mazda Parts Co., Ltd. Most repair parts can be delivered to a dealer before the start of the work on the next day of the parts ordering day.

Overseas: In line with the reorganization of the global production footprint, new networks have been established for the supply of parts from Mexico and Thailand.

Website for ordering parts

Developing Service Trainers/Staff

To develop service professionals with a high level of maintenance skills and customer service skills on a global scale, Mazda operates training centers in Japan and major countries overseas. At the training centers in Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and North America, instructors directly employed by Mazda are in place to provide effective training. The Company has also hosted Service Skills Competitions, with the aim of boosting the service skills and motivation of service staff. The Service Skills Competitions are held in several stages: national competition in each country, regional competition for national representatives, and the world competition for regional representatives. Through participating in these competitions, service staff members are encouraged to improve their skills, always aiming at a high goal. From 2015 to the summer of 2016, regional competitions were held in five regions (North America, Europe, Asia & Oceania, Central & South America, and Middle East). Representatives of the winner countries of each region are striving to further improve their skills for the world competition scheduled in 2017.

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