Commitment to Customers

Providing an Ownership Experience that Exceeds Customer Expectations

The Mazda Group promotes brand value management. By enhancing its brand value, the Group aims to increase the number of enthusiastic Mazda fans and attain its business growth, thereby consequently enhancing its corporate value. In line with this concept, Mazda pushes forward with various initiatives in cooperation with local distributors/dealerships to provide customers with a Mazda brand experience in all stages of their car ownership, with a view to building special bonds with customers.

Every touch point

Communicating the Mazda Brand and Providing the Brand Experience

Mazda promotes initiatives to provide customers with opportunities to communicate with the Mazda brand and strengthen bonds with Mazda throughout their car ownership. To convey globally consistent visual impressions, the VI (Visual Identity) Guidelines have been established and shared within the entire Mazda Group.

New Concept in Sales Outlets “New-Generation Showrooms”

Starting in FY March 2015, Mazda has been developing a new concept in sales outlets, which is called New-Generation Showrooms, to allow customers to experience the attractiveness of Mazda vehicles. Under the supervision of Mazda’s Design Division, the New- Generation Showrooms are built in accordance with guidelines specifying three values to provide*1 and four showroom design concepts*2. Interiors and exteriors are designed using colors of black, white and silver, with black-based facility signs*3, and as accents, wood is used to form a comfortable space where dignity, high quality and warmness are well-balanced. In January 2016, Mazda Brand Space Osaka, a showroom directly run by Mazda, was opened with the aim of making people more close to Mazda, and has attracted many visitors. Mazda is also planning to open new concept sales outlets overseas.

*1 Shop designed with sense of exhilaration and Mazda uniqueness, new vehicle showroom that highlights the attractive features of Mazda vehicles, and shop layout that can help strengthen bonds with people.
*2 Dignified presence, power to attract people, showing vehicle as attractive and beautiful, with comfortable furniture
*3 Mazda brand symbol and showroom name that are used at each showroom

Mazda Brand Space Osaka, a new Mazda brand communication base opened in January 2016

Information Service for Customers through Websites

Mazda makes efforts to enhance the usability of its website to enable the website visitors to easily obtain the information they need. The website is designed to communicate many people, not only about the simple facts, but also about the underlying principles and philosophy. The website also provides easily understandable information useful for customers at all stages from considering a purchase to the ownership of their vehicles.
At the same time, Mazda uses social media, such as Facebook, blogs, and Twitter, to enhance interactive communications with its customers. Mazda’s official Facebook page has received many support messages and comments. Messages to Facebook are reflected in the Company’s product development and other activities.

[Japan] Mazda Roadster(MX-5 overseas) Digital owners manual

Zoom-Zoom, Mazda Brand Magazine

Mazda launched its brand magazine Zoom-Zoom in October 2007, and is regularly distributing it to customers in about 60 countries. The magazine shares driving pleasure that Mazda vehicles bring and explores the exciting lifestyles of Mazda vehicle users. The magazine is packed with information based on a variety of themes in order to build stronger emotional bonds between Mazda and its customers.

Zoom-Zoom Magazine
(2016 spring issue)

Promoting Events for Driving Lessons and Motor Sports

Mazda promotes activities that can provide opportunities for many customers to experience “driving pleasure.”
Various events for multiple needs are offered. Examples of events are: lectures on basic driving positions for safe driving, lessons to learn advanced techniques useful in daily driving, races in which everyone from beginners to advanced drivers can participate, and professional races for drivers seeking to acquire higher skills.
Mazda supports the “Women in Motor Sport” initiative promoted by FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) and JAF (Japan Automobile Federation), which aims at supporting women seeking to improve their driving skills and participate in motor sports events.

Mazda’s motorsports structure


Building Emortional Connection with Customers through Dialogue

We are in charge of planning and operation of Mazda Brand Space Osaka, a new Mazda brand communication base opened in January 2016. This space is used to offer a Mazda brand experience to customers, where they are able to have direct dialogue with Mazda engineers engaged in research & development and manufacturing of vehicles. We go beyond the conventional approach and pursue an ideal form of dialogue that will help to make Mazda more favored by customers. Through such dialogue, we are building bonds or emortional connection with customers.

Bing Xia

(Left) Shota Masuda
Mazda Brand Space Osaka
(Center) Masafumi Inoue
Brand Promotion Department,
Domestic Business Division
(Right)Rena Iwai
Mazda Brand Space Osaka