Execution of Stakeholder Engagement

Strengthening the Relationship with Stakeholders to Promote Brand Value Management

In its brand value management which Mazda has promoted in earnest since 2013, Mazda pushes forward with various initiatives, aiming to continue growing as a corporate group that earns the trust of all its stakeholders. By establishing indicators for its relationships with its stakeholders, the Company implements the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle. Mazda makes active use of its SNS (social networking service) “Tsunagari Net” as a tool to share external evaluations and stakeholders’ voices on the intranet, and to promote the exchange of views.
A wide variety of events are held to explain Mazda’s vision for satisfying both driving pleasure and outstanding environmental and safety performance as well as its specific activities, and to promote dialogue with various stakeholders, including ordinary people, customers, business partners, government/administrative agencies, experts/specialists and students. The opinions submitted from them are utilized to improve the business activities of Mazda.

* Including employees

Examples of Indicators:

Customers: Degree of customer satisfaction, brand recognition, loyalty (retention), net promoter score, and (unaided) awareness level
Shareholders and investors: Evaluations by external research organizations
Business partners: Stakeholder Survey
Employees: Global Employee Engagement Survey
Global society and local communities: Stakeholder Survey
Next-generation people: Evaluations by external research organizations

Conducting the Stakeholder Survey

Since FY March 2014, Mazda has conducted a Stakeholder Survey (once a year) to invite opinions from stakeholders outside the Company, primarily business partners, about employee conduct and attitudes toward work.
The results of the analysis are shared with top management, as well as with Mazda employees and employees of the entire Group in Japan and abroad through MBLD . By doing so, the Company implements the PDCA process so that each employee can review his/her actions from the perspective of the corporate vision and connections with stakeholders, and improve what is already good as well as what should be improved.
To generate frank opinions and guarantee objectivity of the analysis, the Company has commissioned a third party organization (research firm) to conduct the survey.

Those Covered by Stakeholder Survey (Only in Japan):

Suppliers, local autonomous entities, academic societies, industrial associations, etc.

Communication through Publication of the Mazda Sustainability Report

The Mazda Sustainability Report has been published with the aim of informing stakeholders of Mazda’s CSR initiatives. To obtain the opinions and evaluations regarding the report’s content and editorial method, Mazda has conducted a questionnaire survey and applied for CSR-related awards. The submitted opinions and evaluations are fed back to executive officers, external directors, and each division’s employees in charge of producing the Mazda Sustainability Report, and are utilized for designing the next year’s initiatives and for considering the information to be disclosed in the report. The questionnaire survey results are published on the Mazda official website.


Sustainable “Zoom-Zoom” Forum*1 2015 in Yokohama

Satisfying both Driving pleasure and Outstanding Environmental and Safety Performance

To communicate Mazda’s initiatives to stakeholders and solicit their unreserved views, the Sustainable “Zoom-Zoom” Forum 2015 in Yokohama was held at the Mazda R&D Center Yokohama (MRY) in May 2015. This was the ninth round of the forum. Its program included presentations on products and technologies, as well as the “Lesson for the Ideal Position for Each Individual Driver,” which was given by Mazda engineers to introduce a method for comfortable and safe driving. In addition, as in the past forums, the dialogues in the small groups between the participants and Mazda engineers and other employees were arranged. Through these conversations, the Company invited opinions and requests from participants, while promoting their understanding about Mazda.

<Opinions from Participants>

  • ■ I felt empathy for Mazda, because I realized its unique commitment to vehicle production and manufacturing.
  • ■ Through this event, I felt that individual employees have a strong enthusiasm for the Mazda brand. I hope that this fervent passion will be shared and cherished by all dealerships and shops as well.
  • ■ I was impressed with the “Lesson for the Ideal Position for Each Individual Driver,” which represents a uniquely Mazda viewpoint. I hope that such viewpoints will not only be embodied in an event, but also will be posted on the website to increase public recognition.

*1 From 2007 to 2011, this event was held under the title “Mazda Environmental Technology Forum.”


One Mazda Restore Project

Since October 2013, the Company has promoted the One Mazda Restore Project, an initiative to enhance employees’ pride regarding the Mazda brand through restoration of Mazda’s historic vehicles. This project was planned and proposed by a total of ten young employees from different divisions. Under this project, employees across a wide age range have gathered together, so as to discuss and reaffirm Mazda’s spirit and philosophy that has been handed down to the present day ever since the founding of the Company.
This initiative has not only promoted the understanding of the Mazda brand among stakeholders. It has also been instrumental in human resources development, by such means as inviting local high school students to witness this initiative at Mazda, thereby heightening their interest in automotive industry.