Company Profile

Directors, Officers and Auditors

 As of Apr. 1, 2018

Representative Director and Chairman of the Board
Seita Kanai

Representative Director
Masamichi Kogai

Representative Director
Akira Marumoto


Yuji Nakamine
Nobuhide Inamoto
Kiyotaka Shobuda
Kiyoshi Fujiwara
Mitsuru Ono
Ichiro Sakai
Kazuaki Jono

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Audit & Supervisory Board Member (Full-time) Hirofumi Kawamura
Masahiro Yasuda
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Masahide Hirasawa
Takao Hotta
Kunihiko Tamano

Executive Officers

* President and CEO Masamichi Kogai
* Executive Vice President Akira Marumoto
Assistant to President; Oversight of Operations in the Americas and Administrative Domain

* Senior Managing Executive Officer

Yuji Nakamine
Oversight of Operations in Europe, Asia & Oceania, Middle East & Africa and New Emerging Markets
Nobuhide Inamoto
Oversight of Operations in China, Domestic Sales and Fleet Sales
Kiyotaka Shobuda
Oversight of Quality, Brand Enhancement, Purchasing, Production and Business Logistics
Kiyoshi Fujiwara
Oversight of R&D, MDI and Cost Innovation

Mitsuru Ono
Oversight of Financial Services; Assistant to the Officer overseeing Fleet Sales; 
In charge of Global Corporate Communications

Senior Managing Executive Officer

Jeffrey H. Guyton
Assistant to the Officer Oversight of Brand Enhancement; President and CEO, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH
Masahiro Moro
Oversight of Marketing Strategy; Assistant to the Officer oversight of Brand Enhancement;
President and CEO, Mazda Motor of America, Inc. (Mazda North American Operations)
Akira Koga
Oversight of Corporate Planning Domain;    In charge of Global IT Solution and MDI
Managing Executive Officer
Senior Technical Fellow
Mitsuo Hitomi

In charge of Technical Research Center and Integrated Control System Development

Managing Executive Officer


Masatoshi Maruyama
In charge of Global Production and Global Business Logistics

Kazuhisa Fujikawa
In charge of Global Purchasing and Cost Innovation

Kazuyuki Fukuhara
In charge of Domestic Sales and Fleet Sales; President, Mazda Chuhan Co., Ltd.

Ikuo Maeda
In charge of Design and Brand Style

Tetsuya Fujimoto
Assistant to the Officer overseeing Corporate Planning Domain; In charge of Financial Services

Nobuhiko Watabe
In charge of Operations in China; Chairman, Mazda Motor (China) Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Inoue
In charge of ASEAN Business and New Emerging Markets;President, Mazda South East Asia Ltd.
Yasuhiro Aoyama
Global Sales Coordination; In charge of Brand Enhancement and Global Marketing
Ichiro Hirose
In charge of Powertrain Development, Vehicle Development and Product Planning
Raita Nishiyama
Oversight of Tokyo Office; In charge of Corporate Liaison; 
Assistant to the Officer in charge of Corporate Planning and Corporate Communications
Makoto Yoshihara
Assistant to the Officer overseeing Administrative Domain;In charge of Global Auditing, CSR, Environment, Secretariat, 
General & Legal Affairs, Compliance and Risk Management
Takeshi Mukai
In charge of Global Quality; Assistant to the Officer in charge of Cost Innovation
Executive Officer


Hidenori Kawakami
Assistant to the Officer in charge of Global Production;General Manager, Hofu Plant
Chiharu Mizutani
President and CEO, Mazda Motor manufacturing de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
(Mazda de Mexico Vehicle Operation)
Masashi Aihara
General Manager, US Production Preparation Office;President,Mazda Toyota Manufacturing U.S.A.,Inc.

Ryuichi Umeshita
In charge of Customer Service;Assistant to the Officer in charge of Brand Enhancement and Global Marketing

Kazuhisa Yoshida
In charge of Global Human Resources,Safety,Health & Disaster Prevention and Mazda Hospital

Hidetoshi Kudo
In charge of R&D Administration and Product  Strategy 

Hiroyuki Matsumoto
General Manager,Vehicle Development Div.

Takeji Kojima

General Manager,Corporate Communications Div.

Mark of "*" stands for the Executive Officers who also hold the post of Director.