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Major Overseas Activities


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Eva Rabung
Person in charge of promoting social contributions at MME
Eva RabungCoordinator Press Portal, Public Relation
(SOS Children's Village Ambassador)

Making use of Mazda's wide-reaching network, Mazda Motor Europe (MME) and national sales companies in Europe employ the "ONE MAZDA" approach and have carried out far-reaching activities rooted in local communities. In order to help make children happier, Mazda has focused on supporting children in Europe.

Working with SOS Children's Villages (Pan-European)

Human resources



To support the activities to care for and protect children who are unable to live with their own families in Europe



MME and many national sales companies in Europe have been working with SOS Children's Villages in their respective countries. SOS Children's Villages is a worldwide organization that enables children to have a loving home with parents or caregivers. At each of the participating national sales companies, one "ambassador" (local project coordinator) is chosen from the employees to lead charitable activities in each country. As Mazda's unique approach, MME and the sales companies also support vehicle transportation and volunteering by their employees.

Start years
2008 Pan-European, Germany, Austria, Belgium/Luxemburg , Czech, Hungary, Croatia
2009 Netherlands
2010 Spain
2011 Italy
2012 Portugal

FY March 2013 Results

Pan-European Mazda Motor Europe (MME)

  • Supported SOS Children's Villages generally by selling Christmas and greeting cards in the canteen, and raised awareness with displays and brochures in the headquarters.

Germany Mazda Motors (Deutschland) (MMD)

Fun day (Mazda bobby car race)
Fun day (Mazda bobby car race)
  • Proceeded with the partnership with the SOS Youth Centre Dusseldorf Garath (near MMD's headquarters). Sponsored a tutor for one year supporting the teenagers visiting the SOS Youth Centre.
  • Supported the SOS organization in Dusseldorf Garath, MMD employees with MME helped to organize an SOS Children's Villages fun day in September 2012 on a voluntary basis, by baking waffles and conducting a Mazda bobby car race.

Austria Mazda Austria

  • The SOS Children's Village activities of Mazda Austria won the Trigos Award 2012 in May 2012 (the most renowned CSR award in Austria). The involvement of the entire team and even the dealers in the CSR projects was noted very positively by the jury.
  • Supported the crisis group home "Barbakus House", a therapeutically-assisted living group at the SOS Children's Village in Moosburg/Kärnten, and MOFA (mobile family support program) with free usage of four Mazda2 (including road tax, cleaning/maintenance of cars).
  • Supported SOS Children's Village by cooperating together in producing a chocolate which will be distributed by the Austrian Mazda Dealers as giveaway to their customers. The design of wrapping for the chocolate is painted by the children on a canvas with a Mazda print on it.
Trigos Award Ceremony
Trigos Award Ceremony
Children painting Mazda print for chocolate wrapping
Children painting Mazda print for chocolate wrapping

Portugal Mazda Motor Portugal (MMP)

Ceremony of lending two Mazda5
Ceremony of lending two Mazda5
  • MMP supported SOS Children's Village by lending two Mazda5 to for a period of six months in order to increase their mobility capabilities. A dedicated event was held early July 2012 where car keys were handed over to the president of SOS Children's Village Portugal, by managing director of Mazda Motor Portugal, witnessed by other representatives of both entities.

Spain Mazda Automobiles Espana (MAE)

Conferences by employees to teenagers
Conferences by employees to teenagers
  • Continued support for donation of money for every Mazda car sold in Spain for the SOS Children's Village's project "por un millón de BSOS" campaign*1, aiming to help 20,000 children.
  • Donation of two Mazda5 to transport children to school.
  • Other various activities; support for the visiting of mechanic students to the key dealer in Madrid, donation of rotary engine and Mazda2, conferences by employees to teenagers, invitation to Mazda6 pop up store in Madrid, picnic/route with Mazda CX-5 and painting contest on Mazda CX-5 or Mazda6, and cooking sessions, etc.
  • *1The campaign is aimed at one million donations. Its name is a play with the words "besos" (Spanish for kiss) and SOS.

Czech Republic Mazda Motor Czech Republic (MMCZ)

  • Continued the cooperation with SOS Children's Village through donation for auction of winning pictures from last year's Mazda photo shooting contest during a benefit at the Austrian embassy. The whole beneficiary evening was decorated by photographs. These were then transferred to the SOS offices in Prague to decorate the place.

Belgium/Luxemburg Mazda Motor Belux (MMB)

  • Continued support and kept contact with SOS.

Hungary Mazda Motor Hungary (MMH)

Painting the playground equipment
Painting the playground equipment
  • Supported summer camps for the children while SOS mothers can have holidays, and donated money for their planned travel expenses, tools and equipment for development therapy (including a CD player) and other summer camp expenses.
  • Supported SOS volunteering day in Köszeg village (including painting the playground, gravel works, concreting, and later being present for the ceremony of announcing the best pupils of the village, etc.) in July 2012.

Croatia Mazda Motor Croatia (MMC)

SOS Children's Village broom-hockey with MMC employee
SOS Children's Village broom-hockey with MMC employee
  • Funded the maintenance of the SOS Children's Village Lekenik. It covers overheads (electricity, gas, water, etc.) for one house for one year period
  • Sent MMC's employees to SOS Children's Village in February 2013, play broom-hockey with children and visited one house/family in the village.

Netherlands Mazda Motor Nederland (MMN)

  • Donated a part of the profits from sales of the Christmas cards of MMN through a special charity website.

Various Charitable Activities (United Kingdom)



To support various organizations


Mazda Motors UK (MMUK) and its employees participate in numerous charity activities.

FY March 2013 Results:

MMUK and its employees focused on "Giving Something Back" through various charitable activities like monthly Dress-Down Day on which employees go to work in casual clothing and raise money via cake sales and their familiar tombola nominating charities.

Through various charity activities, MMUK and its employees donated money to the organizations listed below. Suppliers also supported MMUK by donating gifts for Christmas auctions.

  • The British Heart Foundation, through employees' participation in the London to Brighton Bike Ride
  • Action Medical Research, the NSPCC, Multiple Sclerosis Society and Breast Cancer Research, through employees' participation in enduring bike rides, Dragon Boat Race and 26-mile Moon Walk.
  • The Motor Industry Benevolent Foundation (BEN) (MMUK initiative)

Riding and Charity Walk to Support Cancer Research (Belgium/Luxembourg)



To support cancer research


MMB and MLE(Mazda Motor Logistics Europe) and their employees have been participated in The Fight against Cancer event, which covers 1,000 kilometers, and supported the event.

FY March 2013 Results

  • In May 2012, MMB organized a charity walk and a cycling tour with a group of enthusiastic MMB people to support Cancer Research. MMB and MLE (Mazda Motor Logistics Europe) employees, friends and family were invited and paid money in return for which they receive a drink and something to eat.
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