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Social Contribution Initiatives

Major Overseas Activities


Environment:Initiatives contributing to environmental protection/Safety:Initiatives contributing to traffic safety/Human resources:Initiatives aimed at fostering the next generation/Community:Community-based initiatives/Mazda Foundation:Initiatives via Mazda Foundation
FMSC person in charge of promoting social contributions
Zhang Yongzhi
General Manager
Labor Union Department
MCO person in charge of promoting social contributions
Zhang Mingyu
Liaison & Legal Affairs Department

Mazda Motor (China) (MCO) and FAW Mazda Motor Sales (FMSC) execute various social contribution activities in China.
MCO executes social contributions by helping nurture the next-generation human resources as "good corporate citizens" who can contribute to revitalizing local economy and industries in China, and by supporting disaster-affected areas. FMSC employees and management are actively engaged in volunteer activities to raise funds for disaster relief.

Establishment of the Mazda Wheat Seedlings Class

Human resources



To support economically disadvantaged children financially and mentally


Through the Wheat Field Project Education Foundation, set up in 2005 as the first non-governmental NPO for educational support in China, MCO provides funds for establishing libraries and donates books to schools whose students have little access to books other than textbooks. In addition, MCO employees provide mental support by exchanging letters with children at these schools.

FY December 2013 Results

MCO provided funds for establishing libraries and donated books to schools in Sichuan Province, which helped enable a library to open in July. Also, 50 MCO employee volunteers participate in one-to-one correspondence with 50 children in the first grade of the Mazda Wheat Seedlings Class.

Support forNatural Disaster Relief



To support relief and restoration activities in areas affected by the great earthquake that occurred in Ya'an City, Sichuan Province in April 2013

Initiatives/FY December 2013 Results

Commemorative plaque presented by the Shanghai Charity Foundation

Jointly with Mazda, MCO made donations via the Shanghai Charity Foundation to help provide relief for those affected and for early recovery of the areas.

Support for Children

Human resources



To support children affected by natural disasters


FMSC donates second-hand clothes to people in Yushu, Qinghai Province, which was hit by the earthquake.

FY March 2014 Results

In November, FMSC collaborated with FCC to launch an activity asking all employees to donate unused clothes to help children in Yushu, Qinghai Province have a warm winter. Thanks to great support from a wide range of people, including not only employees of FMSC but also FCC, Qiming Co., Ltd., as well as the general public, FMSC collected and donated approx. 50 cardboard boxes of clothes. Some people even purchased new gloves, thick socks and wear to donate. These donated clothes were efficiently packed and shipped through the active cooperation and division of roles among FMSC-related people, and then delivered to children.

Second-hand clothes being packed
Clothes being shipped

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