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Social Contribution Initiatives

Responses to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Support for Great East Japan Earthquake recovery efforts

Donation of ¥50 for Each Response to a Customer Satisfaction Survey Conducted at Dealerships in Japan

Mazda conducted online customer opinion/request survey, rating quality of dealership response and service, of customers who purchase Mazda vehicles or bring vehicles in for maintenance or servicing (survey title: "Questionnaire About Your Dealership"). To support reconstruction in the earthquake-affected areas, the company donates ¥50 for every response it receives during the survey period. (The effort continued since August, 2011.)

To Participants who joined this activity

From April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013, many customers responded our questionnaire.
Thank you very much for your participation.
We sincerely receive your opinions and will use them to create future Mazda dealership.
The number of your response is 82,349. We donated as described below.

  • Amount donated: ¥50 x 82,349= ¥4,117,450
     Total number of response since August 1, 2011 : 122,689
     Total amount donated: 6,134,450 yen
  • Donated to "Ashinaga"(Same as FY March, 2012)
  • Use of contributions:
    Construction and operation cost for "Tohoku Rainbow House (tentative name)"
  • Donation on April 30, 2013
What is Ashinaga? Ashinaga is a private non-profit organization to provide psychological and material support for orphans who lost their parent by disease or disaster, or children who have a parent with a disability that prevents them from working.
Ashinaga currently plans to construct "Tohoku Rainbow House" to provide emotional and psychological care to children who lost parents in The Great East Japan Earthquake.

Donation activity in FY March, 2014(planned)

This donation will be continued in FY March, 2014. We will appreciate your contribution in advance.

  • Period: April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014
  • Target Customers:

    Customers who visit a Mazda or Mazda Autozam dealership*1 and purchase a new or used vehicle, or bring a vehicle in to be serviced or inspected, are approached by dealership staff and asked to complete a questionnaire.

  • Response Conditions:

    Participants are asked to visit a dedicated website and fill out the questionnaire using a PC or mobile phone.*2 Only questionnaires that are filled out completely are counted.

  • Amount Donated:

    ¥50 multiplied by the cumulative total of all customer satisfaction surveys completed during the period

  • Donation Recipients and Timing:

    All funds will be donated to public organizations active in providing recovery support for the earthquake-stricken areas. The amount of the donation will be confirmed at the end of March 2014, and the donation will be carried out in April 2014. Detailed information about the recipients and the total amount donated will be posted on the website as they are confirmed.

  • *1Some dealerships do not participate in the survey program. For details, please inquire at the dealership you use.
  • *2Eligible customers are given the URL and a password for the website at each dealership.

If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact Mazda through the following URL:

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