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Social Contribution Initiatives

Major Activities in Japan

Mazda Head Office (Hiroshima Prefecture)


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Mazda Hospital



To contribute to the community through medical care


Mazda Hospital is an acute care hospital with 270 beds for general patients. Founded on the principle of "providing the best and most up-to-date medical care, and contributing to society with warmth and kindness of heart," Mazda Hospital is committed to contributing to community healthcare as a core community hospital in eastern Hiroshima City. Though established by a private company, Mazda Hospital is well used by local residents, who now account for about 80% of outpatients and more than 90% of inpatients. Since 2000, Mazda Hospital staff have held lectures on medical issues, open and free of charge to the public, at a nearby community center. To date, the number of lectures has reached 260.

FY March 2013 Results

New wing of the Mazda Hospital (left building)
New wing of the Mazda Hospital (left building)
  • Total outpatients: approximately 171,500; total inpatients: approximately 88,900; number of patients taken by ambulance to the Hospital: approximately 2,450 (Cumulative).
  • The Hospital held eight open lectures, with approximately 250 people attending.
  • The renovation of Mazda Hospital was completed. Following the completion of the new inpatient ward in January 2012, work to increase earthquake resistance and renovation of the outpatient ward buildings was completed in March 2013.

Support for the Recovery of Regions Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Mazda continues its efforts to contribute to the recovery of the regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

FY March 2013 Results

  • Mazda donated 50 yen for every reply to the customer satisfaction questionnaires through dealerships in Japan, and 82,349 customers cooperated in answering the questionnaires. The donation was given to the Ashinaga Scholarship Society, to help construct the Tohoku Rainbow House (tentative title).
  • Support was provided for quake-affected regions by purchasing their carbon offset credits at environmental events.
  • The woman's volleyball team of the Mazda Blue Zoomers held volleyball lessons for students ranging from elementary schoolchildren to high school students in Fukushima Prefecture (Number of participants: around 100 students).
  • Mazda donated a portion of the proceeds from Mazda Roadster Charity Flee Market.
  • Grants were provided by way of the Mazda Foundation's programs for supporting citizen activism. A total of 1.15 million yen was provided to three programs to assist the recovery of the regions affected by the earthquake.

Other support activities included a donation through the cafeteria plan of Mazda employees.

Contributing to Communities in Many Ways

Mazda provides funds for various activities to contribute to the regional communities and to support academic and educational, cultural and artistic, international exchanges and sports areas. In FY March 2013, Mazda provided funds to the Mazda Foundation, which was established to promote science and technology and the sound development of youth, as well as to public organization, etc. (Funds included relief aid for the natural disasters).

Other Initiatives

Mazda cooperated for disaster prevention in local communities, for blood donations by Mazda employees during working hours (through the Japan Red Cross Society), for provision of funds and dispatch of human resources to local economic organizations, etc.


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