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Safety Initiatives

Initiatives in Vehicles

Technologies that Satisfy both Safety and "Driving Pleasure"

To help promote safe driving with a comfortable field vision and operation while driving, the new Atenza/ Mazda6 is equipped with the functions and features below. These features will be introduced in upcoming new models.

Ideal Driving Position

The front tires were moved 50 mm forward compared to the previous model, with the resulting forward placement of the tire house creating suffi cient space at the foot of the driver's seat, realizing an ideal pedal layout with no offset. By securing an ideal space between the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal, operational errors can be reduced, and accurate, careful control is enabled. It also enables the driver to keep a natural and stress-free driving position, making long driving comfortable.

The "rear loading cabin," which ensures broad vision, offers a rear-weight side view in combination with its short front overhang. Compared to the former model, the horizontal distance from the center of the front wheel to the root of the A-Pillar is 100 mm longer backward, thereby expanding the driver's front field vision.

Ideal driving position
Ideal driving position
“Rear loading cabin,” ensuring broad vision
"Rear loading cabin," ensuring broad vision

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