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Environmental Initiatives

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Special Future 2013

  • Never Stop Changing! CX-5
  • The Integrated Scheduled Production System


Fully Incorporating SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, the Mazda CX-5 Offers Driving Pleasure as well as Outstanding Environmental and Safety Performance.
Realizing a Reduced Environmental Impact with the Integrated Scheduled Production System.
Pursuing Breakthroughs to Innovate Base Technologies and Realize a "Certain Something"
Optimization of Structures and Processes Improved Both Product Functionality and Productivity
Engaging EcoAction 21 from the Business Perspective Above and Beyond Environmental Concerns
Mazda is Developing Next-Generation Powertrains that Will Provide All Our Customers with the Joy of Driving and Excellent Environmental and Safety Performance
"Bumper-to-Bumper Recycling"―Reusing Recycled Bumpers on New Vehicles
The R&D Behind an industry-Leading Recycling Technology
Powertrains that combine the joy of driving with environmental Performance
Development and application of the "i-stop" idling stop system
Mazda to Participate in Norwegian National Project to Realize a Hydrogen Energy Society
Working toward a Sustainable Future with Cars, People and a Global Society that Brings Continued Happiness and Excitement
Flying Higher than Ever-with Hydrogen Providing Clean Energy, the Rotary Engine Has Evolved
Offering Higher Fuel Efficiency,Cleaner Exhaust Emissions and Mazda's 'Fun-to-Drive' Personality
The First Coating Technology in the World that Simultaneously Reduces VOC and CO2 Emissions
Mazda Develops High-Strength Heat-Resistant Bioplastic for Use in Vehicle Interior Parts in Collaboration with Industry-academia-government
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