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Environmental Initiatives

Vehicle Recycling

End-of-life Vehicles(ELVs), Used Parts

Measures in Response to End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Law in Japan

Mazda properly processes and recycles three designated items (fluorocarbons, airbags, and automobile shredder residue [ASR]) pursuant to the End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Law in Japan. In addition, the Company is creating unique technologies and measures to move this recycling program forward. In the case of ASR, Mazda is working through ART*1, a consortium of 13 key companies including Mazda, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, to comply with the law and achieve progress in the reuse of resources.

The Company appropriately executes recycling at dealerships. Dealerships collect vehicle recycling fees at the time of sale and receive the ELVs from their final owners in order to transfer them to the disposal processing companies.

The End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Law was revised in February 2012, which newly designated lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries as items for advance collection before dismantling. Mazda introduced, in cooperation with manufacturers, a system to collect lithium-ion batteries installed in new micro-minis(OEM vehicles) launched in October 2012. The Company also promotes proper disposal of capacitors for i-ELOOP installed in the new Atenza(Mazda6 overseas) launched in November 2012 for safety although capacitors are not designated for advance collection.

  • *1ART: Automobile shredder residue Recycling promotion Team
End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Process
End-of-Life Vehicle Recycling Process
Resource Recycling Results in FY March 2013
Number of vehicles from which fluorocarbon is collected 152,219 units
Number of vehicles from which airbags are collected 130,090 units
Number of vehicles from which ASR is collected 178,894 units
Recycling ratio Airbags 93%
ASR 96%
Recycling ratio for ELVs*3 Approx.99%
Total contracting deposits received 1,812,286,655 yen
Total expenses for recycling 1,655,792,638 yen*2
  • *2Includes separate cost required at Mazda
  • *3Recycling ratio for ELVs is the recycling ratio in dismantling/shredder processes of 83% (cited from the May 2003 joint council data), plus the remaining ASR ratio of 17% multiplied by the ASR recycling rate of 96%.

Promoting Recycling Overseas

Mazda is committed to the recycling of end-of-life vehicles overseas in accordance with the laws in each country and region.

In Europe, based on the EU Directive, Mazda provides a dismantling manual to recycling contractors when introducing a new model and has established a network to collect used vehicles from their final owners free of charge.

Nonferrous and Rare Earth Metals

Mazda has been collaborating with industry partners on the recycling of rare earth metals from electric motors of end-of-life vehicles, for effective use of resources.

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