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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Management

Compliance with Environmental Law and Risk Management

Eliminating Sensory Pollution

Sensory pollution comprises noise, vibration, and odors that have a sensory or psychological impact on people. Mazda recognizes that clearing legal regulations may not be enough to prevent noise, vibration, and odors from annoying neighborhood residents. For this reason, Mazda is systematically stepping up measures to alleviate the causes of such pollution, as well as measures to improve noise insulation and odor removal.

Specific Measures in Environmental Risk Management

Environmental Monitoring

  • Regular training is conducted at each plant and office to prepare for response in the event of accidents that adversely affect the natural environment.
  • Environmental monitoring, including monitoring of air and water pollution, is conducted regularly.
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental monitoring item Target of monitoring Items monitored Monitoring frequency
Air quality Boilers, melting furnaces, heating furnaces, drying furnaces, etc. 5 items: sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, soot, volatile organic compounds, hydrogen chloride Approx. 400 times per year
Water quality Treated wastewater 43 items: cadmium, cyanide, organic phosphorus, lead, hexavalent chromium, etc. Approx. 1,600 times per year
Noise and vibration Site boundaries 2 items: noise level, vibration level Approx. 80 times per year
Odor Site boundaries 1 item: odor index Approx. 20 times per year
Waste products Slag, sludge, soot, etc. 24 items: cadmium, cyanide, organic phosphorus, lead, hexavalent chromium, etc. Approx. 190 times per year

Legal Violations

In FY March 2013, Mazda received guidance from government authorities under laws and ordinances for one case, which has been rectified as of the end of October 2012.


In FY March 2013, Mazda received complaints for two cases, and is taking appropriate actions to address them in good faith.

Legal Violations and Complaints (FY March 2013)
  Number of incidents Response
Guidance from local government 1 Repaired and enhanced control of septic tanks in response to acknowledgment for improvement.
Complaints Noise 2 Adjusted/suspended operation of equipment.

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