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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Management

Initiatives in LCA

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Having established a proprietary LCA*1 system and conducted careful assessment of the environmental impact of its product at every phase, Mazda has confirmed the benefits of its clean-energy vehicles and newly introduced vehicles with current gasoline engines.

In the LCA of the CX-5 conducted in FY March 2012, the CX-5 underwent a review by a third-party organization (Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry) and its conformity with the international standards (ISO 14040, ISO 14044) was certified.

In FY March 2013, the LCA was conducted for the new Atenza (Mazda6 overseas) and the Demio EV, serving as an objective and highly reliable proof that these models are environmentally friendly throughout their entire lifecycles.

Mazda intends to steadily expand the implementation of LCA to new vehicles and confirm its environmental benefits.

  • *1A method for calculating and evaluating the environmental impact of a product across its entire life cycle, from purchasing of materials through manufacturing and use to recycling and final disposal
LCA for the new Atenza (Japanese model)
LCA for the all-new Atenza (Japanese model)
Certificate by Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry
Certificate by Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry

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