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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Management

Environmental Protection Costs

Mazda is carefully assessing the costs and benefits of its environmental activities and is working constantly to improve their efficiency.

Data collection period:
April 2012 through March 2013
Basis of data collection:
Calculated according to Mazda's own guidelines in line with Environmental Accounting Guidelines. The amounts do not include depreciation expenses.
Scope of data collection:
Mazda Motor Corporation; five domestic/six overseas consolidated Group companies; seven domestic/four overseas equity-method Group companies

  • Mazda Motor Corporation
  • Consolidated Group companies
    • 5 domestic companies
      Manufacturing companies: Mazda Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., Kurashiki Kako Co., Ltd., Mazda Logistics Co., Ltd., Mazda Ace Co., Ltd. Parts sales company: Mazda Parts Sales Co., Ltd.
    • 6 overseas companies
      Compañía Colombiana Automotriz S.A., Mazda Canada, Inc., Mazda Motor (China) Co., Ltd., Mazda Australia Pty. Ltd., Mazda Motors of New Zealand Ltd., PT. Mazda Motor Indonesia
  • Equity-method Group companies
    • 7 domestic companies
      Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd., Yoshiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd., Japan Climate Systems Corporation, MCM Energy Service Co., Ltd., Mazda Processing Chugoku Co., Ltd., Mazda Parts Sales Hiroshima Co., Ltd., Mazda Parts Sales Nishi-Kyushu Co., Ltd.
    • 4 overseas companies
      AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd, Changan Ford Mazda Engines Co., Ltd., FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd.

Environmental Protection Costs
(Unit: million yen)
Category Major activities Mazda unconsolidated Mazda Group
Cost Total Inv
Cost Total
Business area Preventing pollution Conforming to legal limits for air and water pollution, odor abatement, etc. 654 2,077 2,731 735 2,831 3,566
Protecting the global environment Preventing global warming, conserving energy, preventing destruction of the ozone layer, and other environmental protection activities 2,227 536 2,763 2,309 605 2,914
Recycling resources Effective resource use, recycling waste, processing and disposing of waste 63 965 1,028 80 2,150 2,230
Upstream/downstream Container recovery, recovery of end-of-life vehicle bumpers 0 178 178 0 203 203
Management activity Employee environmental education, creating and operating environmental management systems, monitoring and measurement of environmental impact, other activities 3 934 937 3 1,355 1,358
Research and development R&D for products, production methods and distribution, to contribute to reduced environmental impact 935 30,830 31,765 1,030 31,726 32,756
Social activities Greening, beautification, and environmental improvement; support of community residents and organizations; information disclosure; and other activities 0 18 18 0 23 23
Environmental damage
0 0 0 0 0 0
3,882 35,538 39,420 4,157 38,893 43,050



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