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Environmental Initiatives

Initiatives in Logistics

Reducing Waste

Reducing Volume of Packaging and Wrapping Materials

Mazda is moving forward with efforts centering on the "three Rs of Mazda logistics" to cut down on resources used for packaging and wrapping. The target for packaging and wrapping materials was a reduction in volume of 40% or more from FY March 1991 levels; in FY March 2013, a 44%*1 reduction was achieved.
Further, Mazda has commenced activities to reflect logistics needs from the onset of product development, so as to include improvement of packaging and wrapping specifications in the product development process. These activities, targeting parts to be shipped to overseas KD*2 production sites, aim to achieve an ideal form of transportation by considering efficient logistics in the development stage of work processes from design to production and shipment, and optimizing parts specifications and structures.

  • *1Forecasted reduction rate compared with measures similar to those performed in FY March 1991
  • *2A production system in which parts are exported to overseas production bases and assembled at the same places.
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