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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Communication

Mazda actively communicates with its stakeholders to enable cooperative implementation of environmental initiatives.

Sustainable "Zoom-Zoom" Forum 2013

Carbon Offset Certificate
Carbon Offset Certificate

In March 2013, Mazda held the Sustainable "Zoom-Zoom" Forum 2013 featuring Mazda's environmental/safety technologies at the Mazda R&D Center in Yokohama and the Head Office in Hiroshima. At this event, a CO2 offset program, aiming to offset the CO2 emitted during the three-day event (by purchasing credits under the "Domestic Credits for Supporting Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake," which was set up by companies in quake-affected Iwate Prefecture), was implemented.

Participation in Environmental Exhibits and Events

Eco-Products 2012<br />Mazda booth was awarded the Eco & Design Booth Excellent Prize.
Eco-Products 2012
Mazda booth was awarded the Eco & Design Booth Excellent Prize.

Mazda actively participates in various environment-related exhibitions and events, for the purpose of gaining stakeholders' understanding regarding its environmental initiatives and hearing their broad range of opinions. Mazda adopts a wide range of approaches to communicate about the environment, such as introducing its advanced environmental technologies at motor shows all over the world and offering test-drives of its vehicles equipped with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY at various events held in and outside Japan.

At the Eco-Products 2012 event in December 2012, as part of the Company's environmental education efforts for children, Mazda presented a quiz show to introduce its initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions during manufacturing, with the aim of helping the children think and deepen their understanding about the relationship between vechicles and CO2.

Mazda also participated in the CO2 offset program (purchasing of "Domestic Credits for Supporting Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake," created around the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake) offered by the event's organizer.

Disclosure via the Sustainability Report and the Mazda Global Website

The Mazda Sustainability Report, Mazda's annual report on its environmental and social contribution activities, is published for the general public in four formats (booklet, PDF, online as part of the Mazda Global Website, and e-book) as part of Mazda's active information disclosure efforts.

Aside from the Sustainability Report, information on Mazda's latest environmental technology, updates on the Company's latest social contribution efforts, and other information is made available on the Mazda Global Website. The Company also discloses its latest information via Social Media.

In-House Awareness-Raising Activities

To raise environmental awareness among its employees, Mazda conducted a wide range of activities in FY March 2013 including the following.

Eco Walk Commuting Program

In order to raise employees' environmental consciousness and encourage them to take better care of their health, employees who walk two kilometers or more as part of their daily commute to work are rewarded with an addition of ¥1,500 per month to their commuting allowance.

Lunchtime Lighting Halved

During lunch breaks, lighting in Mazda offices and plants is being reduced to half the normal level. Furthermore, during June, which is "Environment Month" in Japan, employees are taking part in the "Lunchtime Lights Off" program, in which they shut off as much lighting as possible during lunch break. Overall, a "lights-off" rate*1 of 88% in terms of power consumption was achieved by Mazda and its Group companies in Japan.

Light-Down Campaign 2012

Participating in the Ministry of the Environment's Light-Down Campaign, Mazda shut off lighting of its signboards every night from the summer solstice to Tanabata, the Star Festival (July 7).

The Company also encouraged its employees to privately participate in the campaign, and a total of over 11,000 employees and family members of Mazda and its Group companies in Japan turned off their lights from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. of the summer solstice and Tanabata.

Finding Personal Eco-Actions

The Company asked its employees about eco-actions they are personally conducting in their daily lives, receiving answers from over 1,000 employees. The results were released throughout the Company to encourage active commitment to eco-actions.

Earth Hour 2013

Participating in the Earth Hour 2013 organized by the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), a total of 26 Mazda Group companies in Japan, including Mazda Motor Corporation, shut off lighting for signboards, etc. at their facilities for one hour from 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 23.

Companies that participated in Earth Hour 2013

1. Mazda Motor Corporation, 2. Kurashiki Kako Co., Ltd. 3. Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. 4. Yoshiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. 5. Mazda Chuhan Co., Ltd. 6. Mazda Logistics Co., Ltd. 7. Mazda Processing Chugoku Co., Ltd. 8. Mazda Parts Co., Ltd. 9. Mazda Parts Sales Hiroshima Co., Ltd. 10. Enfini Hiroshima Co., Ltd. 11. Mazda Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. 12. Mazda Ace Co., Ltd. 13. Japan Climate Systems Corporation 14. Hiroshima Mazda Co., Ltd. 15. Mazda Odawara Co., Ltd. 16. Kanto Mazda Co., Ltd. 17. Hokuriku Mazda Co., Ltd. 18. Shizuoka Mazda Co., Ltd. 19. Okayama Mazda Co., Ltd. 20. Okinawa Mazda Sales Co., Ltd. 21. Keiji Mazda Co., Ltd. 22. Tokai Mazda Sales Co., Ltd. 23. Hakodate Mazda Co., Ltd. 24. Aomori Mazda Motor Corporation 25. Koushin Mazda Co., Ltd. 26. Tohoku Mazda Co., Ltd.

President's Messages during Environment Month

The president transmitted messages to the entire Company during Environment Month (June), emphasizing the importance of thinking about and taking action for the environment.

Environmental Education during Environment Month

To encourage each employee to think about and take action for the environment, educational programs regarding general environmental issues and Mazda's environmental initiatives were provided for employees of all operational bases in Japan.

  • *1Calculated by multiplying the power consumed by the number of lights turned down. To prioritize safety, 100% "light-down" was not aimed for.

Participation in Environment-Related Events

Event Sponsor Dates Place Target audience Details
Eco & Safety Kobe Car Life Festa 2012* Ministry of the Environment, Kobe City, Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) May 19, 20, 2012 Meriken Park (Hyogo) General <Exhibit> SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY panels <Test-ride> CX-5
Automotive Engineering Exposition 2012 Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan May 22-24, 2012 Pacifico Yokohama (Kanagawa) General People related to the auto industry <Exhibit> CX-5, SKYACTIV-D cutaway engine, i-ELOOP electric two-layer capacitor, panels (SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, i-ELOOP technology, highly rigid and thin bumper, Soul Red painting technology)
Eco Life Fair 2012* Ministry of the Environment June 2, 3, 2012 Yoyogi Park (Tokyo) General <Exhibit> CX-5 SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY panels <Test-ride> CX-5
Hiroshima Environment Day Hiroshima Prefecture June 3, 2012 Hiroshima prefectural government's office forecourt General <Exhibit>Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid, CX-5, Demio EV
3rd Symposium commemorating the foundation of the Clean Diesel Promotion Association Clean Diesel Promotion Association June 9, 10, 2012 Proving ground for Clean Diesel Promotion Association member companies (Tochigi) General <Exhibit> SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY panels
<Text-ride> CX-5
Kankyo Hiroba Sapporo* Sapporo City Environmental Bureau July 27-29, 2012 Axes Sapporo (Hokkaido) General <Exhibit> CX-5, SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY panels <Test-ride> CX-5
"How Far Does a Dragonfly Fly?" project Yokohama Environmental City Building Collaborative Project August 3, 6, 7, 2012 Mazda R&D Center Yokohama (Kanagawa) General Conducted surveys on dragonflies by catching dragonflies in green spaces or ponds of the Company premises and tracking their species, conditions of arrival, and travel between survey points.
Yamaguchi Iki-Iki Eco-Fair Kirara Product and Exchange Fair 2012 Committee October 13, 14, 2012 Yamaguchi Kirara Expo Memorial Park (Yamaguchi) General <Exhibit> Demio, CX-5 <Test-ride> CX-5
26th Business EXPO Hokkaido Technical Information & Business Exchange Fair Hokkaido Technical Information & Business Exchange Fair Commission November 8, 9, 2012 Axes Sapporo (Hokkaido) General <Exhibit> CX-5, SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY panels
Eco Innovation Messe 2012 in Hiroshima Hiroshima City Anti-Global Warming Regional Council, Hiroshima Prefecture, Hiroshima City, etc. November 22, 23, 2012 Hiroshima Industrial Hall (Hiroshima) General <Exhibit> Demio EV
4th Symposium commemorating the foundation of the Clean Diesel Promotion Association* Clean Diesel Promotion Association November 24, 25, 2012 Proving ground for Clean Diesel Promotion Association member companies (Tochigi) General <Exhibit> SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY panels
<Test-ride> Atenza, CX-5
Tech biZ Expo2012* Nagoya International Trade Fair Commission November 28-30, 2012 Port Messe Nagoya (Aichi) General <Exhibit> CX-5, SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY panels
Eco-Products 2012 Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry, Nikkei Inc. December 13-15, 2012 Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo) Elementary school students, general <Exhibit> Atenza, SKYACTIV-D cutaway engine, panels (SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, Building-Block Strategy, CO2 reduction initiatives, social contribution, etc.)
<Test-ride> CX-5
<Stage> Initiatives to reduce CO2 across the entire vehicle life cycle
  • *Participated as a member of the Clean Diesel Promotion Association.
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