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CSR Initiatives

Initiatives with Employees

Occupational Safety and Health

Under its Safety and Health Creed, Mazda is working to develop people, workplaces, and mechanisms that ensure the safety and health of the people who work at Mazda. Since FY March 2012, domestic Mazda Group companies have been implementing the Group's second three-year plan, called the "One Mazda Movement for an Enjoyable Workplace."

Safety and Health Creed

For workers, safety and health are essential assets.

Our people are our most valuable resource, and we are committed to keeping them safe.

One Mazda Movement for an Enjoyable Workplace

The Second Three-Year Policy:
Realize a proactive and enjoyable workplace by accomplishing safety and health activities initiated by individuals and divisions.
Safety and health first in One Mazda, 24 hours a day!

One Mazda Movement for an Enjoyable Workplace The Second Three-Year Plan

We will create enjoyable workplaces based on safety and health by implementing the Safety and Health Creed.
Preventing accidents by attaining zero risk in five key areas*1 based on the safety management system.

  1. Management and employees will work as a team to encourage individuals to proactively minimize safety risks and improve safety skills
  2. Mazda will make efforts focused on employee satisfaction and aim to prevent any further hazards that fall under Working Environment Assessment Classification 3*2
  3. Mazda will systematize its activities to support mental health and achieve lifestyle improvements, and promote independent health management by individuals and workplaces
  4. Mazda will expand global safety and health activities, and encourage improvements throughout the Group
  • *1Five key areas: safety, hygiene, health, fire prevention, road traffic.
  • *2Indicates working environment measurement results and working environment evaluation results.
    ・Assessment Classification 3: improvement is necessary (improve to reach Classification 2 or 1)
    ・Assessment Classification 2: needs attention (work toward reaching Classification 1)
    ・Assessment Classification 1: good condition (maintain current state)

General Safety and Health Committee

Mazda has established the General Safety and Health Committee, whose members include management executives (executives responsible for safety, and each division's general managers) and labor representatives (Mazda Workers' Union leaders). Committee members meet to discuss and decide each year's action plan and priority measures concerning safety and health.

Occupational safety and health activities extend to all domestic companies in the Mazda Group. The person in charge at Mazda Motor Corporation participates as an observer to the Safety and Health Committee meetings of domestic Mazda Group companies to share information, observe and provide guidance to the workplace, support education activities, etc.

Safety and Health Management System SMS

Mazda implements voluntary and continuous safety and hygiene management through its Safety and Health Management System. This system reduces the potential risks for work-related accidents and enhances overall levels of safety and hygiene standards.

Contents of the Management System Initiative

Mazda performs risk assessments to prevent accidents before they happen. The Company also implements management system audits and evaluations to support the appropriate implementation of the system. These processes are part of the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle, which Mazda applies on an ongoing basis.

<FY March 2013 Internal Audit Results (Mazda Motor Corporation)>

Performed audits for all applicable divisions and departments (27 organizations, 125 departments)

Risk Assessments

Since FY March 2006, Mazda has conducted risk assessments at all facilities to determine potential dangers and risks in manufacturing, product development, administration, office operations and other processes, in order to determine suitable countermeasures. Through these efforts the Company reviews and identifies risks each year, improving the level of workplace safety.

Safety Record

Since Mazda began to introduce safety measures, its incident rate has gradually decreased. Since 2010, Mazda's occupational accident frequency has been lower than the average of the 14 members of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA). In recent years, however, the Company has occasionally experienced accidents that cannot be predicted by risk assessment. A theme of the future is consideration of how to anticipate and reduce such accidents.

Incident Rate*
n	Workplace Accident Occurrence Ratio* (ratio of lost time due to accidents)

Education and Training Concerning Occupational Safety and Health

Mazda conducts safety and health training within the Company, the domestic Group companies and with suppliers (Toyukai Cooperative Union*3).

Contents of main educational and training programs at Mazda Motor Corporation

  • Safety and health training prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Law is provided (information provided to domestic Group companies and suppliers)
  • Prediction trainer training, with the aim of achieving zero accidents
  • Capacity-building training for dangerous or hazardous work engaged persons like forklift operators
  • Newly appointed safety and health managerial and supervisory personnel
  • Practical first aid training on AED use

Main educational and training programs for domestic Group companies and suppliers

  • Safety and health management
  • Training to enhance the skills of safety and health management and supervisory personnel
  • Training for work-related risk prediction and traffic risk prediction
  • *3The Toyukai Cooperative Union consists of 64 vehicle parts and equipment companies that are direct or indirect trading partners with Mazda, and is a union organization that actively engages in initiatives with a constant awareness of the need to put "quality first." It was founded in 1952 by Mazda and 20 collaborating companies that have trading relationships with the Company, with the aim of promoting friendly relations among members and improving welfare, as well as developing a system for cooperating with Mazda. The Company offers advice and support to this group from a safety viewpoint by introducing safety information and inviting safety training provided by Mazda.

Awards Concerning Occupational Safety and Health

  • FY March 2012: 2 employees received the Green Cross Award from the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA).
  • FY March 2013: 1 employee received a commendation from the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare as a foreman who provided excellent safety instructions.

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