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CSR Initiatives

Initiatives with Employees

Basic Approach to Human Resources

In order to create a corporate environment in which employees can enjoy their work, Mazda promotes personal development revolving around the principles of the Mazda Way.

Basic Approach to Human Resources

Mazda recognizes that people are its most important resource and aims to be a company staffed by people who enjoy their work. To this end, the Company promotes human resource training based on the Mazda Way principles that are shared throughout the entire Mazda Group worldwide. Also, the Company has actively implemented a wide variety of measures and initiatives including the Tobiuo (Flying Fish) Human Resources System, which is established to act as a platform for individuals to realize their potential for growth and success.

Mazda Way

In FY March 2009, Mazda summarized seven basic principles and values handed down within the company over time and defined these as the Mazda Way.

In FY March 2013, the information sharing of approaches and past experiences that senior executives considered important through intranet, which began in FY March 2012, was continued, in order to raise awareness of the Mazda Way in each Mazda employee and promote related changes in behavior.

Mazda continues to promote measures to ensure that the Mazda Way can easily be put into practice by employees.

Seven Principles of the Mazda Way
Seven Principles of the Mazda Way

Group-wide Human Resources Policies

Mazda engages in regular communication with Group companies worldwide, and the each Group company is working together to create further opportunities for interaction among personnel and cultivate a climate based on a shared point of view.


Global PDC (Global Personnel Development Committee)

Discussions among leaders of Mazda Motor Corporation and its Group companies on interaction among, and use of, personnel in these companies

Regular meetings with human resources managers of Group companies

Regular meeting with the representatives in charge of personnel from domestic Group companies
Regular meeting with the representatives in charge of personnel from domestic Group companies
  • Regular meetings (monthly) with overseas regions
  • Quarterly meeting with domestic Group companies located on the premises of the Head Office (Hiroshima)

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement surveys have been conducted on a continual basis at Mazda since FY March 1988.*1

These surveys are intended to identify employees' work motivation and the conditions in the environment supporting such motivation, and the results are used to make further improvements. The survey results are disclosed to employees through the Intranet.

  • *1Since FY March 2009, employee engagement surveys have been expanded to include Group companies in Japan and overseas.

Global Survey Results in FY March 2013 (Excerpts)

  • I make efforts to develop my knowledge or skills at work.
    Percentage of positive responses 81%
  • I feel motivated to go beyond my formal job responsibility.
    Percentage of positive responses 76%
  • I understand the relationship between my job and this company's strategy and goals.
    Percentage of positive responses 67%

Examples of Improvement Measures

Town hall meeting (Human Resources Office)
Town hall meeting (Human Resources Office)
  • Organizing divisional town hall meetings (for explanation of strategies/policies and holding discussions) and meetings with senior management
  • Promoting idea sharing and strengthening teamwork by activating small-group activities

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