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CSR Initiatives

Commitment to Customers


Basic Approach

Mazda cooperates with Mazda Group companies, dealers and distributors both in Japan and overseas to raise the level of customer satisfaction (CS) and fulfill its role as a company customers can continue to rely on. The Company grasps the needs of each country and region promptly and accurately based on customer feedback, and develops products and services tailored to each market. In addition, the Company strives to raise CS further through awards programs, training programs, and opportunities to share best practices.

Mazda Call Center

Believing that listening closely to customers' voices is the foundation for developing better products, Mazda has opened two channels for communication with customers: the Mazda Call Center and the Mazda Official Website in Japan. Mazda not only responds to inquiries, opinions and requests from customers honestly, accurately and quickly, but also promotes information sharing among relevant divisions to reflect customer voices in product development, sales and customer service.*1

  • *1Distributers and dealers listen to inquiries and opinions, and consult with customers within oveaseas

<Examples of Customer Feedback Reflected>

  • It was decided to reflect a customer's comment, "Some items inside the open-topped change box fell out of the box when the car suddenly accelerated," in future product development.
Customer Service Framework
	Customer Service Framework

Mazda Call Center

To listen to inquiries and opinions, and consult with customers within Japan via toll-free phone calls

Mazda Official Website

To listen to inquiries and opinions, and consult with customers within Japan via the Internet

FY March 2013 Breakdown of Mazda Call Center Customer Responses by Type (April 2012–March 2013)
FY March 2013 Breakdown of Mazda Call Center Customer Responses by Type (April 2012–March 2013)
Targets and Results for FY March 2013
Targets and Results for FY March 2013

Creating a Shop Environment Comfortable for Customers

Dealerships both in Japan and overseas are working to create a comfortable shop environment for customers.

Shop Cleanliness Activities (Japan)

Mazda promotes Shop Cleanliness*2 activities from the following three viewpoints:

  1. Product layout that encourages customers to comfortably see, touch, and feel the attractive features of each product
  2. Easily understandable display of customer's desired information
  3. Comfortable shop environment featuring a sense of hospitality

Creating Open Shop Atmosphere (United States)

To create a more open environment, the show rooms for new models and the waiting room have been combined. Also, each shop has a space for kids to offer customers with children a comfortable time.

  • *2Cleanliness: To keep the shop always clean and tidy

Questionnaires Given to Customers at Dealerships in Japan and Overseas

Soliciting customer opinions through questionnaires, which are implemented in cooperation with dealerships, is the most important way to improve day-to-day customer service at dealerships. In Japan, using an online questionnaire survey on Mazda shops, Mazda analyzes each customer opinion and reflects the results in operational improvements. United States, questionnaires are distributed to customers who visit dealerships for purchase, maintenance or repair, and efforts are made to improve or enhance operations based on the opinions obtained.

Deploying the Mazda Sales Approach (in Japan)

The Mazda Sales Approach refers to a concept and activities that encourage all the Mazda Group employees engaging in sales in Japan to share the same values and make united efforts to improve their sales performance with the aim of making Mazda a company that customers can rely on. Since its introduction in 2011, the Mazda Sales Approach has been deployed to around 60% of Mazda shops, where improved communication and teamwork have been cultivated through active exchanges of opinions at meetings attended by all shop members. Now the focus of the Mazda Sales Approach is advancing to the implementation of each daily activity thoroughly from the customer's viewpoint.

Activity example

While ensuring efficient work by service staff for customers visiting each Mazda shop, customer-oriented improvement ideas have also been implemented, such as introducing service products or offering test drives of new model vehicles to help the customers make effective use of their waiting time, with the aim of becoming a shop that customers can continue to rely on. As a result of these efforts, more and more customers rely on the Mazda shops for their entire automotive lifestyles, not only for purchasing vehicles but also for consulting about maintenance packages or insurances.

Communication with Dealerships in Japan

Mazda works to provide all its dealerships in Japan with information on mid- and long-term strategies, products, and services in a timely manner, and also makes proactive efforts to collect information from them. To cultivate relationships of trust, the Company strives to deepen communication among dealerships, and between dealerships and Mazda, via the Mazda Dealership Association*3 and Mazda Autozam Dealership Association.

  • *3 It consists of 63 companies including 49 sales companies from Mazda–, and Mazda Enfini–channels, parts companies, logistics companies, Mazda Chuhan Co., Ltd., SMM Auto Finance, Inc., Mazda Auto Leasing Co., Ltd., etc. Through specialized committees, they have close communications about various themes.
Communication Opportunities with Dealerships in Japan
Conferences for dealership representatives Representatives of dealerships and Mazda directors Twice a year To communicate Mazda policies
Mazda Dealership Association in Japan Executive board of directors meeting Executive board members and others from Mazda Dealership Association in Japan (with Mazda representatives also attending twice yearly) Four times a year Information concerning product development, service and parts requests, quality concerns, and other topics is exchanged and discussed.
Mazda Dealership Association in Japan Specialized committees Committee members from Mazda Dealership Association in Japan and Mazda representatives As needed
Conferences for division and department heads of dealerships Representatives from each region and Mazda As needed Meetings regularly convened for relevant departments of dealerships to exchange information and opinions on specific topics including new models, used models, after-sales service, insurance, etc.
Board meetings for Mazda Autozam Dealership Association in Japan Board members from Mazda Autozam Dealership Association in Japan Four times a year Discussion of marketing plans and provision of opportunities for training and professional development, as well as exchange of information and opinions on topics such as requests related to Mazda Autozam after-sales services and parts, and quality concerns
Mazda Autozam Dealership Association in Japan Specialized committees Committee members from Mazda Autozam Dealership Association in Japan and representative of Mazda Autozam Four times a year

Sharing and Recognition of Best Practices at Dealerships in Japan

Customer Satisfaction Initiatives Presentation Meetings

CS Initiatives Presentation Meetings are held annually, hosted by Mazda Dealership Association in each region to share examples of best practices from dealerships and shops, in order to boost the level of customer-satisfaction efforts throughout the Mazda Group within Japan. For FY March 2013, 39 dealerships took part in these meetings held in eight regions from November to December 2012.

CS Initiatives Presentation Meetings, presenting outstanding examples (FY March 2013)

Kobe Mazda Kakogawa Shop
"Create a shop from the customer standpoint – strengthening ties"
Presentation on PDCA activities to find problems from customer questionnaire surveys and review of own shop, and correct such problems

Staff Awards

To encourage staff self-improvement, meetings are held on a periodic basis to award sales and service staff members depending on their degrees of achievement of targets, improvement of technical skills, and contribution to improved vehicle quality. The awarding ceremony for FY March 2013 was held in Hiroshima, where Mazda Head Office is located, with the aim of further strengthening the unity between the maker and the dealerships in working from a customer viewpoint (with approx. 300 people invited). At the ceremony, besides presenting awards, a speech was given by product development representatives and a tour of the Hiroshima Plant was offered, so as to directly communicate the Mazda's spirit of manufacturing to those who were awarded. Starting in FY March 2013, the segment of awarding shops was newly set, to show appreciation for shops that had achieved their targets as a result of their customer-oriented activities, demonstrating excellent teamwork.

Walk-Around Contest

The 16th Walk–Around Contest national competition
The 16th Walk–Around Contest national competition

The Walk-Around Contest, a competition of customer-service role-plays, is held with the aim of encouraging sales staff to acquire product knowledge and improve their customer service skills. At the 16th competition held in FY March 2013, representatives from 56 shops of 35 dealerships participated in the regional competitions and 9 shops of 9 dealerships joined the final national competition.

Training of Sales Staff Dealing with Newly Launched Models in Japan

To enable all sales staff to provide customers with the correct and detailed information they need at the launch of a new model, advance training is offered throughout Japan.

In FY March 2013 before the launch of the new Atenza(Mazda6 overseas), training was provided at seven locations nationwide with approx. 1,500 participants. For the new Atenza all participants tried driving a model equipped with i-ACTIVESENSE, advanced safety technologies on a circuit, after learning Mazda's safety philosophy.

Training for sales staff
Training for sales staff
Training for sales staff

Initiatives for CS Improvement at Overseas Group Companies/Distributors

The following initiatives are promoted to improve customer satisfaction at overseas group companies/distributors.

<Examples of Initiatives in FY March 2013>

Asia, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Central, South America, etc.

    Distributors are awarded/accredited for the points below, to encourage their efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Remarkable contribution to sales of Mazda vehicles (in terms of sales volume, share, etc.)
  • Comprehensive capacity including growth potential of the after-sales service , parts business and response to quality issues
  • Achieving first place in a CS survey for the sales service segment
  • Excellent achievements in CRM*4 or marketing activities
  • *4CRM: Customer Relationship Management


  • At Mazda (China) training centers (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen), dealership presidents and sales managers underwent training in basic CS promotion activities and improvement methods.
  • To increase test-drive opportunities and promote product understanding through test-drives, personnel dedicated to taking charge of test-drives were appointed for each dealership. Training is provided by inviting as trainers the dedicated test-drive personnel of dealerships that have achieved excellent results.

United States

  • Since "boosting customer satisfaction and strengthening owner loyalty" was made the top priority at the US dealers association in 2010, distributors and dealers have jointly strengthened continuous efforts in these areas.

Approaches to Improvement of Service Quality (United States)

In 2010, Mazda introduced eight principles for service quality, collectively titled the Mazda Service Quality Commitment, to all dealerships in the United States, to encourage continuous efforts under the principles below:

  • Schedule a convenient appointment
  • Offer a friendly and timely greeting
  • Perform a complimentary Full Circle Multi-Point Inspection on every customer visit
  • Provide the customer with a competitive price
  • Maintain a clean and comfortable waiting area
  • Conduct a quality-check of every service performed
  • Ensure that the customer's vehicle is ready when promised
  • Thoroughly explain all repairs performed and charges when the customer picks up the vehicle

Communication Opportunities with Overseas Group Companies and Distributors

Mazda holds the following communication meetings on a periodic basis, to encourage Mazda Group-wide efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

Major Communication Opportunities with Overseas Group Companies and Distributors
Product Launch Events / Brand Summit Representatives from major overseas bases of operation, such as the United States, Europe, China and Australia Irregular Opinions are exchanged on a wide variety of topics including products, marketing and brand strategies. In FY March 2013, a total of 200 representatives participated.
4A*5 Distributors Meeting Representatives from Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, and Africa regions Annually Discussions covering a wide range of topics including business, marketing, product launches, etc. In FY March 2013, the event was held in November, with approx. 130 participants.
  • *5Areas except North America, Europe, China, Taiwan and Japan

Strengthening Communications for Introduction of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY (4A region)

To enable overseas sales staff to communicate to the customers not only the functions of products but also the Mazda philosophy embedded in the products and technologies, Mazda has strengthened communications between the Head Office and distributors.

From the launch of new Mazda6 the product development members participate in the new model training, in which only a trainer from the Head Office sales department participated before the Mazda6. This has enabled the communication of broader, deeper product information as well as the aim/philosophy of Mazda product development to participating distributors.

Approaches at 4A Distributors Forum

The 4A Distributors Forum featuring the new Mazda6 was held in November 2012. About 130 representatives from overseas dealerships in the 4A region attended the sessions for presentations on product concepts and product features of the new Mazda6, and test drove the new model. Also, they were able to communicate with the staff in charge of product development, which helped deepen their understanding of SKYACTIV TECHOLOGY. Programs to promote understanding of the i-ACTIVSENSE advanced safety technologies, including test drives, were also offered.

4A Distributors Forum
4A Distributors Forum
4A Distributors Forum

Approaches in New Product Trainings in the 4A Region

Beginning in January 2013, trainings for the new Mazda6 have been provided in order in the 4A region areas (Asia, South America, and the Middle East), jointly by the program manager and the engineers in charge. In the trainings held in Asia and South America, direct communication between the new Mazda6 engineers and local distributors/dealers enabled them to share deep understanding of the product development philosophy and the high product performance embedded in the new Mazda6. In the training, participants were also allowed to test drive the new model to actually feel the i-ACTIVSENSE advanced safety technologies and the i-ELOOP (Brake Energy Regeneration System) on site, with the aim of deepening their understanding and encouraging them to give easy-to-understand explanation at shops.

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